Alya Qistina

Friday, July 27, 2012


So I'm officially unemployed! God, sounds so terrible. Haha. So now what I do at home is basically waking up to whatever time that I want. Which is a total satisfaction. They say, redeem your sleep time. Haa, now I will listen to you. 

You know, when you get used to something, and suddenly you have to leave  it, you know you'll feel like something is going not right and that's just awkward!

Truth be told now that I miss Tawakkal already. The environment, the work flow, the work processes, and yeah, working buddies. I went to Tawakkal yesterday.  I accidentally left my phone charger there and just went there to take it back. Tawakkal is no longer my second home, so I can't just simply leave any of my belongings there anymore, got it? Hehe.

Bun and Abang Sem worked on the evening shift.

I said, "Let me do this medication chart. This is my last time touching this, really".

They said, "Last time, yeah, last".

Sarcastic much! Haha.

Abang Sem. Sifu of Pharmacy. Tall. Very thin. Married. And he has no Facebook account. Hehe. He's a wedding adviser to Iffni and I. Very expert in handling love crisis among couples. I shared a lot about my life with him. He's very good at listening and his opinion were really sincere. Like one day, when I told him I was happy and proud of Ameerul because Ameerul was managed to get himself in a quarter final in DotA tournament, and Abang Sem was like, "Yeah, make sure he wins and ask him to treat you. Money money". Haaa, that's why I like him! Haha.

But when it comes to work, Abang Sem is the most fierce one! Listen to my advice, run guys. Run! Run from him! Haha.

One thing from him that I won't forget, "Bila bercakap, ingat lah dengan siapa kita bercakap, apa yang kita ucapkan. Jangan sampai makan diri."


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why him?

I met patients everyday. With variety kind of diseases and diagnosis, with different kind of attitude. I told them the same; take your medicines on time and never missed the dose. Some of them went back home with 2 or 3 big plastic bags containing medicines on hand. God, they will be just full by eating those meds!

This makes me ponder, what if they were my parents? My dad and my mom are living depending on medications? They need to go to the hospital every month to do the check up and get the new supply of medications. So I was really thankful and grateful that none of my parents were suffering from any life-depending drugs. (Cause I know what drug might cause you).

Until one day.

Daddy called me telling me that he went for a check up. Doctor told his cholesterol level was in the scale of 7. I wanna faint! He needs to be on medicine. Doctor gave him Fenofibrate. So he was asking me about the drug.

God, this is tough. My dad is depending on the cholesterol drug. You see, everybody knows that cholesterol is a root of all diseases. Anything can happen. I never thought this would happen to my parent. God, I'm so worried. He has a lot more to do that restrict himself in his daily life.

I texted him last night telling him to not forget to take his med. He replied me, his cholesterol level had decreased to 5.7. Pheww. I felt just like being his PA when he was my boss and I need to make sure that everything was right. Haha. And thank God, this patient isn't that fussy, right Dad?

And he's blaming me for his cholesterol level has increased. He said maybe he missed me so much. Oh noo, now I shouldn't feel any more guilty, no? Hahaha.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dolls again

Okay, this guy may looks like Justin Bieber, no? When I showed this photo to my friend, obviously who fancies JB so much, they said, "Oh God, you're lucky". "I'm jealous". -__-

Hahaha. I don't what what has been on his mind.

Well, it was a day with Dolls. I was happy, Bunny was there too. I hadn't met her for so long, so long that I couldn't even remember. Thank God, we have those techs now. Haha.

From left: Me, Fatin, Bunny and Ibtisam.

This was actually in Syabaan. We went out after coming back from our offices. One of us said, let's breaking fast together (puasa ganti), so everybody agreed. I went there and found out that nobody's fast. This is one thing about Dolls. They say something, but they never do it, but they laugh over it, they call each other crazy, they promise not to do it again, but they do it again, and they laugh over it again. These girls never be serious. Haha.

This is my dearest so called cousin, Sarah but I call her Baby. Everyone calls her Baby too, including Ameerul. Ameerul teased me by calling her baby with a lot smoother voice. Nah, you're wasting your time boy. Hahaha.

Sara! Accidentally met her. I was like, Sara I missed you a lot. Sara replied, "Oh God, I was about to say from far, that girl is really small and petite and never thought it was you".

Egypt mood turns on! I am half complete with the preparation to go to Egypt. I mean, I listed few things that I need to buy and things that I need to bring. The most important thing is coat. Because when I reach there soon, it's almost near to the winter time. I told ya, winter time there can reach to 0 degree Celsius. Cold. I will hide under the mat then!

I love this coat above but I think this one is too thin. This is headache. And those things more, luggage, face moisturiser, sun block and what shoes that I really need to bring and all. Sigh.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


So I went all the way down to Seremban last week. (Ameerul hometown). You see, choosing a place to date is actually such a challenge. He said, KL. I said, Seremban please. I wanna go there for the last time. Hehehe. You know maybe this could be my very last time going there before I fly off to Egypt. But sincerely, I don't really think so. 

Seremban is much calmer than in KL. He loves it when there's no traffic jam and his friends there. (That's why he loves taking me there). So basically I was going out with his friends too! Hah. Now he should really love me. Right? Hehe. 

We went watching movie. Karaoke. Tutti Fruitti, as he promised. Lunch. He asked me to go to cyber cafe, he wanna teach me how to play DotA and thank God, he realized he's actually going insane for a while.

And somebody got a new haircut!

Before. Puppy eyes. Messy hair. Never comb it. I know.

After. Widened eyes. Waxed hair. And slightly moody actually when the hairdresser cut it wrong. Haha. 

Friday, July 20, 2012


Ramadhan comes again. Shouldn't feel any more grateful and blessed for being given a chance to meet Ramadhan again. They say all our pahala will be double. Thus everybody know this is a really good time to make more of good deeds. 
(Photo from Tumblr)

Happy Ramadhan guys. No backbitting, no? Haha. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


What have I gotten myself into? -__-

Okay, this was okay, quite interesting. They'd invited those brilliant and successful panels who used to study there in Egypt. Nice tips and advice. Great motivational talk. I was all inspired. But I yawned few times then.

I played Temple Run. I played Fruit Ninja. Tried to concentrate but what I'd ever thought was, "Is this really what I want?", "Am I doing the right thing?", "God, I actually have gone this far!", "I'm going to Egypt in couple of months more".

So I whispered to Iffni who sat next to me, she said, "Hoi we are doing it halfway okay!"

Okay. Am I normal?


Ameerul saw this picture and said, "Fake smile!" You jelly, man! He said that he didn't want me to smile like this in our wedding photos (if only I get married to him hehe).

Okay. I'll smile like this then. Bye.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Preparation bag

Okay! So I've bought a new bag. It's a handbag cum sling bag. One colleague asked me, "Hey Qissy! New bag again ha? I thought you've said you're in a tight budget. What happened?"

So I said, "Hm well I think I'll need it. To go to class. Or who knows the university will organize a trip somewhere".

Hahaha. Get it?

*tricky girl face*

Monday, July 9, 2012

One step

Iffni and I had a tea time-date together last Sunday. No, we actually ate 2 times- the reason of my double chin now. Well, they say winter in Egypt can be so cold and might killing us. Hehe. No, joking. But honestly it can reach 8 degree Celsius. Aww, how cold is that can be? Like the one in the fridge? 

So basically we went surveying the essential needs during winter. Winter babe! I can't wait. Haha. They say, no snow will fall down during winter in Egypt. Okay, Iffni and I are planning to go to Manchester then! (Iffni even bought travelling kit as well. Sigh.)

Yeah, easy learning Arabic book. 

 Now, we were starting to annoy people around. Hehe. And we were confused. There're differences in between coat, sweater and jacket and they are designed according to weather. Oh, don't forget, long john too. Can I get long john set in Egypt with much cheaper price?

And we added some new items to our what-to-buy list. Like, lamb wool socks, gloves, cap and whatnots.

Okay now, this is really annoying. Haha. Kbye.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend for two

All my weekdays felt like the longest one. You see, Ameerul told me he might coming back home this weekend and would probably have a date with me. So all of my days were left waiting for him to come back. I was just impatient! Haha.

But still, some arguments came out whenever we met. Where to eat? What to watch? Where to park? Which road to choose? God, why we just don't have the same exact chromosomes and DNA so the chemistry will be much stronger. Haha.

Well, it turned out to be the most relax and happy weekend for me, after tiring weekdays of work. Especially when he smiled after waiting for me to get myself dressed up - which was a complete miracle. Obviously, girls will take some time to  dress up. So Ameerul usually will get all sweaty and nags me for being late. But yesterday was pretty amazing, I mean, where did you left the old you, sweetheart? Haha.

A day spent with you is always a day well spent. Why haa? I find myself so happy and contented whenever we are together. Hehe.

Friday, July 6, 2012

A letter

It's less than a month since I'm going to leave Tawakkal. Phew. Everything flies so fast. I can't quite believe that I've been here for one year. 

Well, I'm resigning...

Okay, this is a private letter actually. But I've mentioned about this quite a lot. Never mind then.

And this girl above will follow me to Egypt. Last picture in Tawakkal uniform, huh? Hehe.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


How lovely it is when finally you get married with the man your heart really falls to, and your parents really happy with your decision and they celebrate you with showering love and advise, choosing your own theme for wedding, get yourself dressed with absolute stunning shoes and your favourite girls will be by your side, helping you doing things for wedding receptions, going spa together, laughing and enjoying the precious moments that we spend together.

Oh gosh, I'm not getting married, obviously.

Well, I'm just in the mood of a wedding. You see, some of my favourite people just got married. Vivy Sofinas aka Proudduck and Irma Hasmie, they were just lucky and gorgeous. (And handsome husbands too!) I kept telling Ameerul how lucky they were, they were blessed and how obsessed was I checking their Twitter every 10 minutes, longing for updates! Sigh. What a die hard fan I am. Haha.

Plus, one of my colleagues is getting married. So she will buy these magazines about marriage, wedding and whatnots so I'll be the second reading them after her. Haha. I mean, it is such a pleasure seeing beautiful things. Hah get it?

So Ameerul said, "Why so serious? One day, your time will come".

I replied happily, "Really?!"

Ameerul said again, "Hm maybe".

Seriously, why he could ever be so cold? It's a wedding, a big day, memorable moments in life.

Man, never understand.

God, seeing those gorgeous women got married in such merry events makes me feel like getting married too. Hahaha. Boo me, I'm just 22. Well, it's one of the growing up processes, and I'm normal!


Sunday, July 1, 2012


A picture of 2 years ago. I'm old. -_-

This picture was taken in Penang. When I studied there. Ameerul is still there now. He's actually my junior. And now a superior of my heart. Hahaha. I can say, my relationship with him is the longest that I've had. And the most distant one.

I was in Kelantan after Penang for a year. He's in Penang. Now when I'm in KL, he's still in Penang. Forever Penang.

Later when he continues his degree in maybe Shah Alam or maybe Penang or Dungun or I'm not sure where, I may be in Egypt! Seriously, that's million miles away!

Well, it's our 27th month anniversary. So as always, I love you! Yes, you.