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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


How lovely it is when finally you get married with the man your heart really falls to, and your parents really happy with your decision and they celebrate you with showering love and advise, choosing your own theme for wedding, get yourself dressed with absolute stunning shoes and your favourite girls will be by your side, helping you doing things for wedding receptions, going spa together, laughing and enjoying the precious moments that we spend together.

Oh gosh, I'm not getting married, obviously.

Well, I'm just in the mood of a wedding. You see, some of my favourite people just got married. Vivy Sofinas aka Proudduck and Irma Hasmie, they were just lucky and gorgeous. (And handsome husbands too!) I kept telling Ameerul how lucky they were, they were blessed and how obsessed was I checking their Twitter every 10 minutes, longing for updates! Sigh. What a die hard fan I am. Haha.

Plus, one of my colleagues is getting married. So she will buy these magazines about marriage, wedding and whatnots so I'll be the second reading them after her. Haha. I mean, it is such a pleasure seeing beautiful things. Hah get it?

So Ameerul said, "Why so serious? One day, your time will come".

I replied happily, "Really?!"

Ameerul said again, "Hm maybe".

Seriously, why he could ever be so cold? It's a wedding, a big day, memorable moments in life.

Man, never understand.

God, seeing those gorgeous women got married in such merry events makes me feel like getting married too. Hahaha. Boo me, I'm just 22. Well, it's one of the growing up processes, and I'm normal!


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