Alya Qistina

Monday, July 9, 2012

One step

Iffni and I had a tea time-date together last Sunday. No, we actually ate 2 times- the reason of my double chin now. Well, they say winter in Egypt can be so cold and might killing us. Hehe. No, joking. But honestly it can reach 8 degree Celsius. Aww, how cold is that can be? Like the one in the fridge? 

So basically we went surveying the essential needs during winter. Winter babe! I can't wait. Haha. They say, no snow will fall down during winter in Egypt. Okay, Iffni and I are planning to go to Manchester then! (Iffni even bought travelling kit as well. Sigh.)

Yeah, easy learning Arabic book. 

 Now, we were starting to annoy people around. Hehe. And we were confused. There're differences in between coat, sweater and jacket and they are designed according to weather. Oh, don't forget, long john too. Can I get long john set in Egypt with much cheaper price?

And we added some new items to our what-to-buy list. Like, lamb wool socks, gloves, cap and whatnots.

Okay now, this is really annoying. Haha. Kbye.


  1. jangan risau.barang2 winter kat sini lagi comel2.cantik2 dan murah2.hehe

  2. Terima kasih Miss Hidayah Azman. :)