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Saturday, July 21, 2012


So I went all the way down to Seremban last week. (Ameerul hometown). You see, choosing a place to date is actually such a challenge. He said, KL. I said, Seremban please. I wanna go there for the last time. Hehehe. You know maybe this could be my very last time going there before I fly off to Egypt. But sincerely, I don't really think so. 

Seremban is much calmer than in KL. He loves it when there's no traffic jam and his friends there. (That's why he loves taking me there). So basically I was going out with his friends too! Hah. Now he should really love me. Right? Hehe. 

We went watching movie. Karaoke. Tutti Fruitti, as he promised. Lunch. He asked me to go to cyber cafe, he wanna teach me how to play DotA and thank God, he realized he's actually going insane for a while.

And somebody got a new haircut!

Before. Puppy eyes. Messy hair. Never comb it. I know.

After. Widened eyes. Waxed hair. And slightly moody actually when the hairdresser cut it wrong. Haha. 

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  1. Great blog post to read. Today, I just had my last haircut.