Alya Qistina

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why him?

I met patients everyday. With variety kind of diseases and diagnosis, with different kind of attitude. I told them the same; take your medicines on time and never missed the dose. Some of them went back home with 2 or 3 big plastic bags containing medicines on hand. God, they will be just full by eating those meds!

This makes me ponder, what if they were my parents? My dad and my mom are living depending on medications? They need to go to the hospital every month to do the check up and get the new supply of medications. So I was really thankful and grateful that none of my parents were suffering from any life-depending drugs. (Cause I know what drug might cause you).

Until one day.

Daddy called me telling me that he went for a check up. Doctor told his cholesterol level was in the scale of 7. I wanna faint! He needs to be on medicine. Doctor gave him Fenofibrate. So he was asking me about the drug.

God, this is tough. My dad is depending on the cholesterol drug. You see, everybody knows that cholesterol is a root of all diseases. Anything can happen. I never thought this would happen to my parent. God, I'm so worried. He has a lot more to do that restrict himself in his daily life.

I texted him last night telling him to not forget to take his med. He replied me, his cholesterol level had decreased to 5.7. Pheww. I felt just like being his PA when he was my boss and I need to make sure that everything was right. Haha. And thank God, this patient isn't that fussy, right Dad?

And he's blaming me for his cholesterol level has increased. He said maybe he missed me so much. Oh noo, now I shouldn't feel any more guilty, no? Hahaha.

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