Alya Qistina

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How my tears can flow when I post this?!

Have you ever wonder why university's buddies will always remain as friends? And have you ever think why we always need each other?

Because we shared the same joy during BBQ night and laughing for candid picture.

Because we ate a lot during our last grand meeting/gathering, on pre graduation night.

Because we have same instict in dressing.

Because we always have each other in every tests and quizzes.

Because we love wearing baju kurung and attending PPKP on weekend. -__-

Because we love last minute study

Because we shared the victory during society's family day

Because we slept together during the lecture

Because we were lecturers' favourite when scored full marks in test

And we always have this inside our handbags

We love waiting for Rapid Penang

Because we love walking in group.

Because we love meeting the juniors

We've never missed to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri together

Because we love attending co curricular activities

Always had pictures in front of UiTM campus

Chilling waterfall in group

Be so jakun to ice cream

We have thousands pictures in lecture hall when having lecture

We were too kind when giving these fish healthy food. Oh definitely that's not my foot.

We'd been in the same lab, preparing the same drugs

We captured happy faces after finishing our last final exams

Chilling waterfall and be in love with frogsss

Being so girlish at home

Because I know, no matter how hard it is for us to fulfil our dream in becoming a licenced pharmacist, we will always have each others' back. I will always have you guys. Thanks for showing me what true-crazy-wacky friends are.

Don't mind me, because I'm just missing you guys my lovely FDB Pharmacist.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Shopping, while you can!

Girlssss!! Get up and start stretching your legs, because it's Year End Sale. When it comes to any shopping topics, forgive me because I'm too brittle for it.

I don't have any clue, why do I love sales so much. You see, every time I crossed Vincci's shoe outlet and then I saw 20% 50% and even rarely 70% pieces of cardboard hanging inside the shop, my heart's like beating so fast, and something whispered in my ears saying " Don't worry about money, we can always find them. Oh you still have your next month's allowance. "

And now when approaching new year, there will always be clearance stock for every malls. The big YEAR END SALEEE! My arms start to shiver and my legs seem cannot step on the ground anymore.

Being 24/7 with Facebook except working hours, I've spent most of my online time to surf about new clothes and shawls. My new favourite obsession is definitely online shopping. They are cheaper! And here are the tips:

If you are petite/short, go for a stuff that being worn by Korean models (because they are short too!) and you can always trust their colours.

Buy in bulk, because you can get free postage. Oh how I love free postage.

Always get update with new stocks.

Survey! Make your fingers active by clicking other's blogshop because sometimes they can offer us the same exact stuff with cheaper price.

Don't buy tshirts. They usually will offer you guys such a bad quality one.

But the bad side of these online stuffs is you can't always trust their quality.

I have too much wants rather than needs. I should've earn other side incomes, maybe by online selling too, don't you think so? And my lovely bloggers and friends, you guys would always be my customers, wouldn't you? -__-

Monday, December 20, 2010

Currently Addiction

Practising Ne-Yo's every dance steps. LOL.

Monday, December 13, 2010


My mum texted me last morning, she said;

Arnab warna kelabu baka Angora telah kembali ke rahmatullah lebih kurang pukul 10am akibat terlalu kepanasan, kesian dia.

I call her Dondon.

Going back from work, I was flipping through every Dondon's single photo and I started to cry.

A week before she died, she's so weak and too thin. I rarely seen her running or jumping whenever I let her free from her cage instead of lazying around and waiting for us to give her some fresh vegetables. She even weakened herself every time we took her in ours.

She's a big fan of vegetables. Dondon's not a picky rabbit, can you believe she ate pucuk kayu ubi? Haha. Andd she got her diarrhoea from that. I loved seeing her cute face every time we lifted her ears up. It's so funny how she closed her eyes whenever I screamed ' Hei, aku buat sate karang nak?' as if she understands. Comel.

Black shiny eyed of Dondon. I missed you.

Only 3 rabbits left now. Cheryl ( Oh actually a male rabbit, should I call him Shahril instead of Cheryl? Never mind. He's the white rabbit in the picture above ), Zee ( the black one ) and Gee ( small female white rabbit, not in this picture ).

Friday, December 10, 2010


I'm a type of person who really afraid of drug. Sounds weird because my field is all about drugs. Just imagine, I'm giving patients various kinds of drugs, with variety indications and definitely side effects but hell no for me to take these drugs, because I've learnt the side effects of drugs and in short, I have no problem in swallowing the tablet, it's just that, I'm freaking afraid of their SIDE EFFECTS!

Even if it's only a Paracetamol. Seriously.

The only drug that I'll only take is Ponstan, but sure dear, with its recommended dose. Or maybe underdose.

I don't know what's with me. I got migraine and sometimes it continues for two days long. Period pain like mandatory for every month. UTI like for everyday! See, I'm bad in taking care of myself. :(
With these diseases, I rarely taking the meds. But please guys, don't be afraid of medicine too. Take them as prescribed, you'll safe because if any cases of overdose in drugs, they might leave you in toxic!

But still.. Detoxification!

Afraid of toxic, am I bad?

This what I've got after 7 hours of sticking these patches to my feet. So scaryyyyyyy!

Take care of your health. Eat healthy meals and bunch of fruits. Babaiiii.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

School, Girlfriends, Friendship and Awesome.

2007. Look at girl in red circle, so immatured mannn!

Even after 4 years of leaving school, I'm not sure what is that feeling of missing something that I used to hate? That feeling brings me closer to it in fact. Seriously, I missed my school. I missed waking up late and got myself rushed for morning assembly where all the prefects were about to ready to write down my name and my friends would just laughing at me. Oh duh prefects, you thought you're power enough? We went finding the books then and erased our names in them.

But, truly, no matter how bad was I at school, I was a teachers' pet though. Haha. You know why, I'm kinda of sweet talker anyhow, if you're knowing me deeper. Sometimes, when other students started the class by doa, I went sleeping and woke up only when the class ended. Eating in classes won't never made me feel bad/guilty. But guess what, like seriously, I'd never forget to wish 'Happy Teacher's Day' every years, lending my most attentive brains and eyes in class, sitting in front in class, asking teachers for thousands times in class and I seemed love going upstairs to staff room for any problems in my studies. See, kaki bodek!

I love the atmosphere being in all girls school and yes, we led everything. Tell me, who did the choir and impressed the boys from other school? Duh, boasting you. :p

Caring teachers too! How I wish I would never grow up after 17.

Andd maybe because of my shortness! Teachers would recognised me easily. I've had good relationship with others at school, and even now. Still keeping in touch with my seniors, catching up with juniors and even gossiping with teachers. Because I was in all girls school, I find myself so compatible with gossip things. Well, every girls would do.

And so we are girlfriends. I started to be in a gang since I was in Form 1. You can call it gang or whatever but it was more to clique actually. Frankly dear I have no words for our awesome friendship. Went into boarding school, I spent most of my teenage times with friends. They tought me almost everything. Sharing tears and laugh, sad stories, fav movies and even boyfriend! How bad girls these days.

Bunny bunny. Get away from that cake.

Find me!

During Perfect Score 2007.

Thank Allah, after finished our school, we still in clique and it tights than before.

Thanks Dolls. I love you.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanks December

Because I know, December in Kelantan will always be in wet! It's a most lovable month for flood and you'll find your clothes are hard to dry after being washed. My practical uniform even needs two days to dry.

And that's why I'll always have an umbrella in my handbag and yes, I start to bring a bottle of mineral water wherever I go. Berat yes, it's berat.

Thanks rain, because I now own 4 umbrellas. But again, thanks rain, you're giving me headache, tonsil infection and constantly running nose. How I hate bringing tissues in my pocket!