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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

School, Girlfriends, Friendship and Awesome.

2007. Look at girl in red circle, so immatured mannn!

Even after 4 years of leaving school, I'm not sure what is that feeling of missing something that I used to hate? That feeling brings me closer to it in fact. Seriously, I missed my school. I missed waking up late and got myself rushed for morning assembly where all the prefects were about to ready to write down my name and my friends would just laughing at me. Oh duh prefects, you thought you're power enough? We went finding the books then and erased our names in them.

But, truly, no matter how bad was I at school, I was a teachers' pet though. Haha. You know why, I'm kinda of sweet talker anyhow, if you're knowing me deeper. Sometimes, when other students started the class by doa, I went sleeping and woke up only when the class ended. Eating in classes won't never made me feel bad/guilty. But guess what, like seriously, I'd never forget to wish 'Happy Teacher's Day' every years, lending my most attentive brains and eyes in class, sitting in front in class, asking teachers for thousands times in class and I seemed love going upstairs to staff room for any problems in my studies. See, kaki bodek!

I love the atmosphere being in all girls school and yes, we led everything. Tell me, who did the choir and impressed the boys from other school? Duh, boasting you. :p

Caring teachers too! How I wish I would never grow up after 17.

Andd maybe because of my shortness! Teachers would recognised me easily. I've had good relationship with others at school, and even now. Still keeping in touch with my seniors, catching up with juniors and even gossiping with teachers. Because I was in all girls school, I find myself so compatible with gossip things. Well, every girls would do.

And so we are girlfriends. I started to be in a gang since I was in Form 1. You can call it gang or whatever but it was more to clique actually. Frankly dear I have no words for our awesome friendship. Went into boarding school, I spent most of my teenage times with friends. They tought me almost everything. Sharing tears and laugh, sad stories, fav movies and even boyfriend! How bad girls these days.

Bunny bunny. Get away from that cake.

Find me!

During Perfect Score 2007.

Thank Allah, after finished our school, we still in clique and it tights than before.

Thanks Dolls. I love you.


  1. =D

    rindu jgk kat sek tu wlpn jap je,,
    bnyk memory ooo~

    p/s: love to see all of u,,

  2. Hunnys: rindu that moments kan? hehe.

    Faridah: Jyeah. All girls school is kinda great, doesn't it? :)

    Bunny: Thanks dear! :)