Alya Qistina

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Shopping, while you can!

Girlssss!! Get up and start stretching your legs, because it's Year End Sale. When it comes to any shopping topics, forgive me because I'm too brittle for it.

I don't have any clue, why do I love sales so much. You see, every time I crossed Vincci's shoe outlet and then I saw 20% 50% and even rarely 70% pieces of cardboard hanging inside the shop, my heart's like beating so fast, and something whispered in my ears saying " Don't worry about money, we can always find them. Oh you still have your next month's allowance. "

And now when approaching new year, there will always be clearance stock for every malls. The big YEAR END SALEEE! My arms start to shiver and my legs seem cannot step on the ground anymore.

Being 24/7 with Facebook except working hours, I've spent most of my online time to surf about new clothes and shawls. My new favourite obsession is definitely online shopping. They are cheaper! And here are the tips:

If you are petite/short, go for a stuff that being worn by Korean models (because they are short too!) and you can always trust their colours.

Buy in bulk, because you can get free postage. Oh how I love free postage.

Always get update with new stocks.

Survey! Make your fingers active by clicking other's blogshop because sometimes they can offer us the same exact stuff with cheaper price.

Don't buy tshirts. They usually will offer you guys such a bad quality one.

But the bad side of these online stuffs is you can't always trust their quality.

I have too much wants rather than needs. I should've earn other side incomes, maybe by online selling too, don't you think so? And my lovely bloggers and friends, you guys would always be my customers, wouldn't you? -__-


  1. I'm not going to promise you about becoming your customer, because I've no idea about online shopping! hee I'm lame kn... pdhl tgh trend skrg online shoping ni. sigh

  2. Faridah: Haha. Dear, grab the chance now and I can show you how. Just make sure that I'll be your first online shopping seller. Haha.

  3. cepat2 ler ke KB mall!
    sy ta tau ler smada sy mmg out of date @ sbb lame ta pegi kb mall, tp fer sure PDI da ade kt sne,, bnyk giler kdai baru n of cus
    sgt3 bnyk saleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
    3 for rm50!
    semalam bru pegi,,
    mauk ta gile!

    n F.O.S akn dbuka ta lame agy!

  4. Haha, here's another shopping crazy, Hunny. excited nya ni mesti dah shopping sakan ni, kan? Haha.

  5. haha!
    ta puas agy shopim neyh,,

    naseb jerk jenis y ta gilakan kasot cam qist,,
    klo ta, abes,, parah,,