Alya Qistina

Saturday, December 31, 2011


I'm celebrating 2012 new year at home. Thanks.

I can't believe 2011 passes so fast, like they have a magic spirit in turning time or something. I know everything have changed so much. I grow older, I have learnt new things, I even become a new person. Seriously, things are just different.

I learn how be adult, to be exact. And I'm only 21. I don't know where I left my teenage life. Teheee.

January 2011, I was still in my diploma programme, final year of it. Young and fresh.

Duh, I won't never wear that hair clip again. This was during my old studying time. Oily face. Dirty.

This was the moment when I only had to wake up, dressed myself up to a practical training, ate with colleagues, having fun in doing assignments and learning new things with so much joy. Life was easy and perfect. What a honeymoon year!

And these awesome people. They used to be my internship buddies and now they are my really good friends. They are fun, I swear.

These bunch of wonderful people. Beauty with brains and jokes, yes. Never failed to make me laugh. Crazy, wacky university friends. And now we're successfully graduated as the Diploma of Pharmacy holders, some of us are now working and some pursuing the studies in degree level. And we keep planning on doing more reunions ahead. The photo above was taken during our last reunion.

And we're graduated! Around October 2011.

Thing wasn't going right when I had applied for university's degree intake but they rejected all of my applications. Cruel much. And I think I did nothing wrong. Because as a Diploma in Pharmacy holder, I did applied for Bachelor in Pharmacy, which is so much clear in path. Result: Rejected. Just because my pointer is below 3.80. I'm not the best student but I deserve a chance and I promised to make my best of it if I were given the chance and bla bla bla. Too late I don't want that anymore!

And I did applied for Bachelor in Law and Bachelor in Actuarial Science. Result: Rejected. I don't have any foundation for that courses, what do you expect girl? This was funny. I didn't took this seriously. I just did the applications.

Insyaallah, I was planning to continue my study abroad. If Allah wills.

And now I'm working. I've got the offer letter to work at KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital two weeks after I finished with my internship. Phewww. No resting time at all. Hehe.

Port Dickson. Ameerul brought me there to celebrate my 21st birthday.

And these are my beautiful ladies. 2011 much less tear us apart. We didn't really got the chance to meet up with each other. I miss them.

Well, 2011 was treating me really nice. It was the greatest among all of the past. Hello 2012, I'm am now 22. :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Mid-semester break

I received a text message from Shushy. My best friend. At 1 pm.

"Bestnya tidur"

Whatever. She tried to make me sakit hati. Damn. She just had no idea how working is all about. You see, I wake up at 6 am everyday and I need to catch a bus at 7.30 am. And I know she might be sleeping at that particular time. Teenager, she is. What do you expect?

Hahaha. She's so cruel.

Shushy. She is my best friend since we're in high school. We stayed in the same classes for 3 years and we sat next to each other. (Much closer during the exam time, you know why). I continued my study with a diploma in Pharmacy in UiTM Pulau Pinang and so do her. She was my junior and now still doing her Civil Engineering.

Yes, we obviously share so much secrets. She is the one who willing to stay with me no matter how bad I am. You see, I'm a short tempered and stubborn.

And coincidentally Ameerul is now doing his Mechanical Engineering in the same university. Nahhh. I'm not being a queen control but Shushy and Ameerul are actually share the same Calculus lecturer, and class, perhaps.

Shushy was willing to be my spy. Hahaha. That's just so funny.

And now they're having their semester break. I want they to get enough rest because I'm going to crash Penang on February! Wohooo.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Of sad movie and tears

Ombak Rindu.


I've seen it! I don't care what people will call me. For a start, I watched it after a month it was published. Lame and pathetic. Because I was waiting for Ameerul to come back here and watched it together which is just.. so sad for being me.

And I don't care if people will think that I'm a lame because I cried throughout the story. THROUGHOUT. 2 hour and 45 minutes. Gosh, I went out with red eyes as if I was a Dracula or something. I mean, for a Malay movie, what do you expect? It was sad, terrible. My tears couldn't help falling down. The drink holder beside my seat was all full with only my tissues. I wonder how the cleaners had the cinema done after that, because if I were them, I wouldn't dare to touch any wet stuffs contain of other's body fluid. Euw.

And Ameerul was sitting besides me, sleeping. Honestly, he should really learn how to be fragile and romantic. He should learn from the main actor. Well, it wasn't his genre then, what do I expect?

He woke up more than 3 times in the middle of the story, grabbed the tissues from my hand and tried to wipe away my tears. Told me not to cry and he went back sleeping. Great.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Serasi Bersama

I don't know if you guys ever watched Serasi Bersama telly programme on Astro Ria. Well, it's basically testing on the chemistry of the celebrities couple. On how they can get along to each other.

It was fun for them, and it was pathetic for me for just sitting in front of the telly and getting happy and excited for one's marriage. zzz.

So I'd actually wanna know how much Ameerul and I can get along to each other, I know we can't, we didn't really have that x factor or chemistry or whatever, we are just in a relationship with full of differences and argument. See, I sound revengeful. Just because he didn't want to buy me a dress as a Christmas gift. Pffttf.

And we played Serasi Bersama, through phone which is just another pathetic side of me.


I asked him, between you and me, who falls asleep easily?
Like simultaneously, he said, me. And I said, him. Look, we're different!

Never mind. Next question.

He asked me, between you and me, who taking bath so long?
I said, him. (I lied). And he said, me.

And the questions went,

Who is the shortest? Damn. I skipped this one.

Who become sulky easily? Obviously, me.

Who can remember the road direction easily? I let him won, he's man, I didn't want to embarrass him. Lol.

Who loves to shop? (This question was made up by him. I knew it would last with a nagging, please stop shopping and save you money and bla bla bla, so I skipped this.)

Who loves to smoke? (He can't skipped this and ended by some lectures from me). Nahhh.

Who goes to the toilet more often? Me.

Who tends to like black colour more? Him.

Who eats more? Him.

Who woke up easily? Me.

And the games went until everybody's sleepy....

Between me and you, whose nose is bigger? HIM.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Imaginary Friend

I was somewhere in the kitchen and Mia was playing in the living hall. She pretended to be on phone and chatting with her imaginary friend.

"Hello where are you? I'm at Sri Gombak, when will you come? It's hot here and I'm waiting for you for so long."

I don't know what's her ' friend' replied.

But Mia said, "Oh really, your mom's die? Ya Allah, my mum is also die. My dad too."

Then she hung up.

Her mom asked her, whom she was talking to. Her mom asked her, if both of her parents die, who she will be staying with? Who will take care of her and Adam, her little brother?

Mia said, "Nevermind, Mama Qis can take care of me and adik".

I guess her mom sakit hati hearing Mia answered that so her mom said, "Mama Qis go shopping and leave you alone, how?"

Mia replied, "I can follow her".

Hahaha, kids these days...

Mia and Mama Qis.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mid-life crisis

I had such a terrible week. I got PMS all week long. I was really a depressed pathetic girl. I refused to talk to people. I was not in the mood of communicating to others. I'd rather have been quiet than talking. Making jokes, no way. I'd chose to alienate myself. I didn't really mixed up with people.

I was a short-tempered. I got angry easily. Everything seemed so wrong.

I didn't know why. Mood swing, maybe. Hormones changes, maybe.

I'm not sure if my colleagues seemed to aware of how I behaved but one of them asked me if I was okay cause he saw me talking less. Of course I did, I had mouth ulcer. But that's not the main reason.

Ameerul was aware of me having those changes. He asked me, was I having a mid-life crisis or something. Look, I'm only 21, what on earth did he think of me having a mid-life crisis at this very young age? He's kidding, I know, and I found that funny.

Unfortunately, that hadn't even helped me. I'm miserable, depressed and I still comfortable to be remained in silences.

Ameerul tried to cheer me up back every time we were on the phone line, he said, "Come on girl, come back. Pulanglah. ". As though i'm hantu or what.

Haha, that's funny. He spotted me in a very different world.

And I don't know why. They say, women are complicated and they may be right. I'm not being a complicated, I was just acting like what I want, like how I comfortable to be to. And they may saw that as complicated. Well, human basic right.

And now I'm okay. I'm back. :D

Saturday, December 10, 2011

From Daddy with love

Dad asked me if I ever like Ameerul. So I said, biasa je. I lied. He asked me once again if I like Ameerul or not? Look, I don’t get this. Why on earth he was asking me that? I surely like him, I mean why I would like to be his girlfriend if I don’t like him. 

And now, I love him.

So, to answer my dad, I said yes. Who knows, my dad really wanted to know my answer because he actually had planned to get us married. And he secretly planned it with Ameerul’s parents and he wanted to make it as a big surprise to me.

No. Actually it was a no. A big no.

My dad won’t allow me to get married before I get my degree.

I said yes. I like him. A lot. More than a lot - I added it in my mind.

My dad gave a little laugh. I know this would be a start to a long lecture.

My dad started with, "Well, if you like him, you should respect him. Treat him nicely."

"I saw the way you talked to him, you're arising your voice. That's not a good way to talk to people. 

You know, if we respect people, they will respect you back."

"Practise it from now, even though you're not his wife yet you should always talk to him in a well manners. Later when you get married with him, your marriage will be blessed by Allah. Good wife will get a blessing from Allah and you marriage will be a successful one."

"When you treat him nicely, he will never underestimate you, instead he will always be good to you in return."

I listened and responded by saying, "Yes, right, okay, I will, yes". Pretended that I listened and try to give a grow-up responses.

My dad loves me, he wants me to be the best. And he wants me to be everyone's favourite.

I know and I appreciate that.

Friday, December 2, 2011