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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mid-life crisis

I had such a terrible week. I got PMS all week long. I was really a depressed pathetic girl. I refused to talk to people. I was not in the mood of communicating to others. I'd rather have been quiet than talking. Making jokes, no way. I'd chose to alienate myself. I didn't really mixed up with people.

I was a short-tempered. I got angry easily. Everything seemed so wrong.

I didn't know why. Mood swing, maybe. Hormones changes, maybe.

I'm not sure if my colleagues seemed to aware of how I behaved but one of them asked me if I was okay cause he saw me talking less. Of course I did, I had mouth ulcer. But that's not the main reason.

Ameerul was aware of me having those changes. He asked me, was I having a mid-life crisis or something. Look, I'm only 21, what on earth did he think of me having a mid-life crisis at this very young age? He's kidding, I know, and I found that funny.

Unfortunately, that hadn't even helped me. I'm miserable, depressed and I still comfortable to be remained in silences.

Ameerul tried to cheer me up back every time we were on the phone line, he said, "Come on girl, come back. Pulanglah. ". As though i'm hantu or what.

Haha, that's funny. He spotted me in a very different world.

And I don't know why. They say, women are complicated and they may be right. I'm not being a complicated, I was just acting like what I want, like how I comfortable to be to. And they may saw that as complicated. Well, human basic right.

And now I'm okay. I'm back. :D

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