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Saturday, December 10, 2011

From Daddy with love

Dad asked me if I ever like Ameerul. So I said, biasa je. I lied. He asked me once again if I like Ameerul or not? Look, I don’t get this. Why on earth he was asking me that? I surely like him, I mean why I would like to be his girlfriend if I don’t like him. 

And now, I love him.

So, to answer my dad, I said yes. Who knows, my dad really wanted to know my answer because he actually had planned to get us married. And he secretly planned it with Ameerul’s parents and he wanted to make it as a big surprise to me.

No. Actually it was a no. A big no.

My dad won’t allow me to get married before I get my degree.

I said yes. I like him. A lot. More than a lot - I added it in my mind.

My dad gave a little laugh. I know this would be a start to a long lecture.

My dad started with, "Well, if you like him, you should respect him. Treat him nicely."

"I saw the way you talked to him, you're arising your voice. That's not a good way to talk to people. 

You know, if we respect people, they will respect you back."

"Practise it from now, even though you're not his wife yet you should always talk to him in a well manners. Later when you get married with him, your marriage will be blessed by Allah. Good wife will get a blessing from Allah and you marriage will be a successful one."

"When you treat him nicely, he will never underestimate you, instead he will always be good to you in return."

I listened and responded by saying, "Yes, right, okay, I will, yes". Pretended that I listened and try to give a grow-up responses.

My dad loves me, he wants me to be the best. And he wants me to be everyone's favourite.

I know and I appreciate that.

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