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Saturday, December 31, 2011


I'm celebrating 2012 new year at home. Thanks.

I can't believe 2011 passes so fast, like they have a magic spirit in turning time or something. I know everything have changed so much. I grow older, I have learnt new things, I even become a new person. Seriously, things are just different.

I learn how be adult, to be exact. And I'm only 21. I don't know where I left my teenage life. Teheee.

January 2011, I was still in my diploma programme, final year of it. Young and fresh.

Duh, I won't never wear that hair clip again. This was during my old studying time. Oily face. Dirty.

This was the moment when I only had to wake up, dressed myself up to a practical training, ate with colleagues, having fun in doing assignments and learning new things with so much joy. Life was easy and perfect. What a honeymoon year!

And these awesome people. They used to be my internship buddies and now they are my really good friends. They are fun, I swear.

These bunch of wonderful people. Beauty with brains and jokes, yes. Never failed to make me laugh. Crazy, wacky university friends. And now we're successfully graduated as the Diploma of Pharmacy holders, some of us are now working and some pursuing the studies in degree level. And we keep planning on doing more reunions ahead. The photo above was taken during our last reunion.

And we're graduated! Around October 2011.

Thing wasn't going right when I had applied for university's degree intake but they rejected all of my applications. Cruel much. And I think I did nothing wrong. Because as a Diploma in Pharmacy holder, I did applied for Bachelor in Pharmacy, which is so much clear in path. Result: Rejected. Just because my pointer is below 3.80. I'm not the best student but I deserve a chance and I promised to make my best of it if I were given the chance and bla bla bla. Too late I don't want that anymore!

And I did applied for Bachelor in Law and Bachelor in Actuarial Science. Result: Rejected. I don't have any foundation for that courses, what do you expect girl? This was funny. I didn't took this seriously. I just did the applications.

Insyaallah, I was planning to continue my study abroad. If Allah wills.

And now I'm working. I've got the offer letter to work at KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital two weeks after I finished with my internship. Phewww. No resting time at all. Hehe.

Port Dickson. Ameerul brought me there to celebrate my 21st birthday.

And these are my beautiful ladies. 2011 much less tear us apart. We didn't really got the chance to meet up with each other. I miss them.

Well, 2011 was treating me really nice. It was the greatest among all of the past. Hello 2012, I'm am now 22. :)

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