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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Serasi Bersama

I don't know if you guys ever watched Serasi Bersama telly programme on Astro Ria. Well, it's basically testing on the chemistry of the celebrities couple. On how they can get along to each other.

It was fun for them, and it was pathetic for me for just sitting in front of the telly and getting happy and excited for one's marriage. zzz.

So I'd actually wanna know how much Ameerul and I can get along to each other, I know we can't, we didn't really have that x factor or chemistry or whatever, we are just in a relationship with full of differences and argument. See, I sound revengeful. Just because he didn't want to buy me a dress as a Christmas gift. Pffttf.

And we played Serasi Bersama, through phone which is just another pathetic side of me.


I asked him, between you and me, who falls asleep easily?
Like simultaneously, he said, me. And I said, him. Look, we're different!

Never mind. Next question.

He asked me, between you and me, who taking bath so long?
I said, him. (I lied). And he said, me.

And the questions went,

Who is the shortest? Damn. I skipped this one.

Who become sulky easily? Obviously, me.

Who can remember the road direction easily? I let him won, he's man, I didn't want to embarrass him. Lol.

Who loves to shop? (This question was made up by him. I knew it would last with a nagging, please stop shopping and save you money and bla bla bla, so I skipped this.)

Who loves to smoke? (He can't skipped this and ended by some lectures from me). Nahhh.

Who goes to the toilet more often? Me.

Who tends to like black colour more? Him.

Who eats more? Him.

Who woke up easily? Me.

And the games went until everybody's sleepy....

Between me and you, whose nose is bigger? HIM.

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