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Monday, December 26, 2011

Of sad movie and tears

Ombak Rindu.


I've seen it! I don't care what people will call me. For a start, I watched it after a month it was published. Lame and pathetic. Because I was waiting for Ameerul to come back here and watched it together which is just.. so sad for being me.

And I don't care if people will think that I'm a lame because I cried throughout the story. THROUGHOUT. 2 hour and 45 minutes. Gosh, I went out with red eyes as if I was a Dracula or something. I mean, for a Malay movie, what do you expect? It was sad, terrible. My tears couldn't help falling down. The drink holder beside my seat was all full with only my tissues. I wonder how the cleaners had the cinema done after that, because if I were them, I wouldn't dare to touch any wet stuffs contain of other's body fluid. Euw.

And Ameerul was sitting besides me, sleeping. Honestly, he should really learn how to be fragile and romantic. He should learn from the main actor. Well, it wasn't his genre then, what do I expect?

He woke up more than 3 times in the middle of the story, grabbed the tissues from my hand and tried to wipe away my tears. Told me not to cry and he went back sleeping. Great.


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  1. ok la tu tgk dh even lambat sket. aku xtgk pn lg, lg kesian :(