Alya Qistina

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Guess where this messy boy drove to?

PENANG, wohoo!

He asked me if I still remember where our first date took place. I said, Zoo Taiping and that evening we actually went to Queensbay to play a kite and watched our first movie together and he was late for that movie! First impression was failed. Haha.

So he was like, what if we go to Queensbay and we do all the things that we did last time? I miss the moment when we met there last year.


We actually didn't got the chance to play the kite so sitting by the lake much less helping.

And the rainbow helped a lot. Hahaha.

This smoking boy never failed to win my heart. Good, keep it up boy! :p

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy 21st birthday, man.

Someone's getting older!

Old. But I forgive him for the fact that he's now matured. Yes, he is. So much. :)

So I went all the way down to Penang just for his birthday celebration. Be thankful, boy.

Two weeks before his birthday, I secretly planning for the celebration and some lame stuffs like ordering, designing his birthday cake and birthday t shirts. Haha.

Since he loves to play DoTA, so I actually wanted to put some characters of DoTA to his cake, and I went all selfish as I changed them to a cute red Angry Bird. My favourite ever. Haha.

So it turned to be like this..

A moist choc Angry Bird cake. Yummy.

See, childish. Grinning all the way.

So we went to Puncak Mutiara at Penang for a dinner. It was awesome. The place was quite isolated and quite but when you reach there, you'll fell like staying there. Awesome. The decoration was just perfect. And the bill too. -__-

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY, Boyfriend.

We were wearing the same t shirts and his friends boo-ed us. LAME! Hahahah.

So, here was the perfect birthday planner. Ehem.

Sayang, happy birthday. May Allah bless you. Be strong sayang and don't ever give up. Life is getting hard as we grow older. Take them as a challenge and remember that, you'll always have me. I love you sayang. Forever and ever, babe.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Final Fever

Everybody's now having their final exams and the only thing they will do is study. Boo them. Haha. And my bestfriends, boyfriend are now seem to have no more time for me, they will go like, "I have to study, can I study for a while?"

And I went like, "Okay, go ahead then, nobody is going to listen to my stories".

I went to Penang last week and I was staying at Shushy's house. Shushy, Eeza and Fyza were going insane with their final. So I gave them a cute pen to each one of them and....

... these 6 cute roasters to Shushy.

I hope she'll be okay no matter how mean she was to me. Hehe.

One thing about her that I adore that is she was still manage to treat me even though she was having such tough time with 5 major hard papers, such fussy me that wanting this and that from her and I felt like staying in 5 stars hotel, wohoo except for the fact that I had to use her shampoo. Terrible.

She texted me yesterday telling me how anxious she was when she had to face Entrepreneurship paper. I was taking that paper before and she clearly wanted me to give her some tips. Haha. And the conversation went by,

Her: I'm so nervous I can't focus. I don't know how to answer, I haven't read anything. Am I doing so much sin?

Me: Yes you're. Just be cool and relax. You'll be okay.

Her: I'll try. I don't know what to do.

Me: Then light the roasters up. Hehe.

Her: Hehe no guts to see its burning and don't wanna lose even one of them. Btw, thanks darling.

Me: Okay, I wanna get my blog updated. Don't get jealous. Bye. (Err, we didn't really get compatible with this kind of loving condition. She made me feel like vomit. Haha)

And the lucky Ameerul Ashraf also got his good luck gift. Hehe. He was laughing while he reading this..

Good luck guys. All the best for this final exams. :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

What a..

... perfect, perfect weekend getaway!

Hi Penang, I'm going to crash your place!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Back to the old times..

Guess what I had yesterday?


God, unexpected exam, unprepared me and such weird questions. We had to do it by turns. Tawakkal should have a lot more surprise after this, be careful guys.

It sounded like, "Who is the General Manager of KPJ Tawakkal?" Followed by, "Who is the Chief Nursing of KPJ Tawakkal?"


"List out 10 basic courtesies of KPJ Tawakkal?"


Then followed by some pharmacotherapy and pharmaceutical calculation questions.

And it had their own score too. Duhh, good luck girl.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm broke!

Look, if I were managing a company, well I might lead that company to bankrupt. Oh thank God, I'm not into accountancy. Because clearly, I can't manage my own money well. Look, I have too much wants rather than needs.

I was once withdraw some money from ATM and I accidentally clicked another extra 0, so nahh, rm500 was out then. Guess what, the next day when I checked the balance on my purse, only rm300 left out of it! Then I remembered that I actually bought a blouse and hmmm I can't remember the other things. Never told my dad about this, I might be killed!

Well now that I'm broke with unpaid broadband, barred cellphone bill and o
ther, I stood frowning thinking where did I spent on the most, yeah shopping.

I am broke. Money's graph decreasing proportionally with my mood.

I called my dad and mom last time and asking for some money. Parent's nagging was such a good thing after all when they're willing to give me some money. Yeayyy.


And my dad, yes, he tried to make up a new rule. Strictly starting from October, half of my salary will be transfered to my dad so that he might keep that safe.

I'll try to smile. Don't worry because I'll come up with my new plan too!

Keep calm and shop till drop.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cutest lil kid! You wish.

I PM Ameerul on Facebook, I said,

"I know how our son will look like"

Then I attached this one photo;

Then he replied, "This's so embarrassing!"

HAHAHA, he was cuteeeee! I got this photo somewhere on FB. I'm not sure what age this boy was at. But his puffy cheeks laughed me a lot! He was cute during back time. Well, he might be cute now, yes but slightly more to handsome, ehemm. I'm just saying!


I love you darling! <3

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Raya Raya Raya.

Everyone's still in raya mood, everywhere, anywhere and guess what, no one's left at my work place because I reckon that they might be still doing rendang at home. Oh lucky them. And so do on Facebook and Twitter as they kept updating each photo and status about raya, TV programmes oh so tempting. I HATE THAT I HAVE TO GO TO WORK!

But the raya celebration must always go on!

I got the chance to spent some precious times with my family on Independence Day's night and everyone's eating like there's no more tomorrow. Urghh. They killed the chickens.

This one was at Kelantan, a day before I left to KL because I had to go to work on forth raya. They said, " Only crazy people will work on raya". See, everybody's so mean.

Daddy and his little girl. Oh I feel young.

My dad with my lil sister. I asked my dad about his whiten beard, I wonder why his hair's still remains black while the other part was not. Please hair, don't inherit that on me. Hehe.

But hoping that wearing a big shade like this, might help..

Well, I was having a great weekend with Ameerul and some of his wacky friends, spending some times going from one to another one house to collect more duit raya. Hehe.

No seatbelt at all. Failed! But the smile helped. I got you baby. :)

At Zara's house.

In front of Hasnan's house. Ohhh, Hasnan's mom's rendang was so delicious. I'll invite you guys there next year, promise! Hehe.

At Alif Haikal's house.

Anddd we're going for more that 3 houses afterwards. You should see how Ameerul tried to cover his bigger tummy with his sampin. So weird. Hahaha.

I swear, knowing and trying to accept Ameerul's friends to be my friends is like something that I don't really have to think twice to do. Haha because their wackiness will scare you. They were beyond awesome, I swear. You'll laugh all day long with just only their jokes. No wonder that Ameerul will always leave me just to be with them. I'm giving you guys a compliment that surely need to be paid back with duit raya. TAKE NOTE! :)