Alya Qistina

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Guess where this messy boy drove to?

PENANG, wohoo!

He asked me if I still remember where our first date took place. I said, Zoo Taiping and that evening we actually went to Queensbay to play a kite and watched our first movie together and he was late for that movie! First impression was failed. Haha.

So he was like, what if we go to Queensbay and we do all the things that we did last time? I miss the moment when we met there last year.


We actually didn't got the chance to play the kite so sitting by the lake much less helping.

And the rainbow helped a lot. Hahaha.

This smoking boy never failed to win my heart. Good, keep it up boy! :p

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  1. i like both of you. ang he never fails to make you and US melt!!