Alya Qistina

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm broke!

Look, if I were managing a company, well I might lead that company to bankrupt. Oh thank God, I'm not into accountancy. Because clearly, I can't manage my own money well. Look, I have too much wants rather than needs.

I was once withdraw some money from ATM and I accidentally clicked another extra 0, so nahh, rm500 was out then. Guess what, the next day when I checked the balance on my purse, only rm300 left out of it! Then I remembered that I actually bought a blouse and hmmm I can't remember the other things. Never told my dad about this, I might be killed!

Well now that I'm broke with unpaid broadband, barred cellphone bill and o
ther, I stood frowning thinking where did I spent on the most, yeah shopping.

I am broke. Money's graph decreasing proportionally with my mood.

I called my dad and mom last time and asking for some money. Parent's nagging was such a good thing after all when they're willing to give me some money. Yeayyy.


And my dad, yes, he tried to make up a new rule. Strictly starting from October, half of my salary will be transfered to my dad so that he might keep that safe.

I'll try to smile. Don't worry because I'll come up with my new plan too!

Keep calm and shop till drop.