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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Final Fever

Everybody's now having their final exams and the only thing they will do is study. Boo them. Haha. And my bestfriends, boyfriend are now seem to have no more time for me, they will go like, "I have to study, can I study for a while?"

And I went like, "Okay, go ahead then, nobody is going to listen to my stories".

I went to Penang last week and I was staying at Shushy's house. Shushy, Eeza and Fyza were going insane with their final. So I gave them a cute pen to each one of them and....

... these 6 cute roasters to Shushy.

I hope she'll be okay no matter how mean she was to me. Hehe.

One thing about her that I adore that is she was still manage to treat me even though she was having such tough time with 5 major hard papers, such fussy me that wanting this and that from her and I felt like staying in 5 stars hotel, wohoo except for the fact that I had to use her shampoo. Terrible.

She texted me yesterday telling me how anxious she was when she had to face Entrepreneurship paper. I was taking that paper before and she clearly wanted me to give her some tips. Haha. And the conversation went by,

Her: I'm so nervous I can't focus. I don't know how to answer, I haven't read anything. Am I doing so much sin?

Me: Yes you're. Just be cool and relax. You'll be okay.

Her: I'll try. I don't know what to do.

Me: Then light the roasters up. Hehe.

Her: Hehe no guts to see its burning and don't wanna lose even one of them. Btw, thanks darling.

Me: Okay, I wanna get my blog updated. Don't get jealous. Bye. (Err, we didn't really get compatible with this kind of loving condition. She made me feel like vomit. Haha)

And the lucky Ameerul Ashraf also got his good luck gift. Hehe. He was laughing while he reading this..

Good luck guys. All the best for this final exams. :)

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