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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy 21st birthday, man.

Someone's getting older!

Old. But I forgive him for the fact that he's now matured. Yes, he is. So much. :)

So I went all the way down to Penang just for his birthday celebration. Be thankful, boy.

Two weeks before his birthday, I secretly planning for the celebration and some lame stuffs like ordering, designing his birthday cake and birthday t shirts. Haha.

Since he loves to play DoTA, so I actually wanted to put some characters of DoTA to his cake, and I went all selfish as I changed them to a cute red Angry Bird. My favourite ever. Haha.

So it turned to be like this..

A moist choc Angry Bird cake. Yummy.

See, childish. Grinning all the way.

So we went to Puncak Mutiara at Penang for a dinner. It was awesome. The place was quite isolated and quite but when you reach there, you'll fell like staying there. Awesome. The decoration was just perfect. And the bill too. -__-

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY, Boyfriend.

We were wearing the same t shirts and his friends boo-ed us. LAME! Hahahah.

So, here was the perfect birthday planner. Ehem.

Sayang, happy birthday. May Allah bless you. Be strong sayang and don't ever give up. Life is getting hard as we grow older. Take them as a challenge and remember that, you'll always have me. I love you sayang. Forever and ever, babe.

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