Alya Qistina

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shopping companionship

Honestly, I'd prefer to shopping alone than in a bunch of group. I mean, you wouldn't want people to be agitated waiting for you to choose your clothes, since you need to understand, they surely need a lot more to do.

Unless we girls are really planning to just hanging out together at the shopping mall. Who knows, just a quick window shopping. (But honestly my window shopping plans were never came true! It's always went shop till drop plan. Failed! Sigh).

Ameerul will accompany me if he is in town, it is always fun whenever he is around. First, he will help me carry all the stuffs. Secondly, he will help me choosing out what's the best for me, even though our tastes are utterly different. Really. But he's actually really like a dad. You can't simply do something crazy whenever you're with him. For example, finish all your food first. Don't buy this, you're not going to wear this though, I know.


Well, somebody was complaining that she just had such a really bad week. So she claimed that she needed some rest and fun and joyful moment, just to relief her stress. Okay, if I were her, the only thing that can make me feel any calmer is shopping. So, okay, I said, "Let's go shopping".

Syadie, one of the Dolls. Just the two of us, but the feeling was like, it was 10 of us. (She represented 9 people herself!)

It was really fun. I'd never thought this would be beyond fun. She's crazy, just like me. She's my utterly awesome shopping companion.

Our day was really like the one in The Amazing Race, stupid kids version, which were us. Shops after shops. Laughs after laughs. Pictures after pictures. Fashion trends and styles talks. She's really like my alter ego. I mean, she just had this thought like the one in my head. 

What's funny was, after some shopping,  and we sat for a while, taking a quick tea time together and suddenly she said, "Let's go. Jom teruskan perjalanan jauh kita".

Crazy! That's why I love you my weirdest best friend!

And, eye bags always been such an embarrassment! 

Shopping is a woman thing. It's a contact sport like football. Women enjoy the scrimmage, the noisy crowds, the danger of being trampled to death, and the ecstasy of the purchase. - Erma Bombeck 

Monday, June 25, 2012

soooo comfy

Now I know what love at the first sight means. 


Take a closer look!

Ahh.. seems so comfy, right? I feel like wearing it and never ever going to take it off. I tried it few times and it was just cool. It felt like your feet were being wrapped by groupies of fabulous feathers. Haha.

I've told you that I made a list of what to buy as a preparation to Egypt and I just thought this could be added as a new item in it. Who knows, weather can be so cold. Or your house floor suddenly become the dirtiest one, this might protect your feet. And I know I might sound so annoying so I cancelled it. Which logically, I shouldn't buy this though. People might think that I'm a freak and annoying.

And membazir though. I know. I'm on a tight budget, I should avoid buying unnecessary things. Right? (Pardon? Did you just buy new clothes?) Kbye.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hate you

The moment when you are too bored with your current hair style and you want something new to your hair, you go to the hair saloon and the hairdresser seems to understand what you'd really want, but she actually doesn't and your hair turn out to be sooooo BAD!

How will you feel?

Killing the hairdresser? Go to another hair saloon to fix your hair up? Crying in the shower? Hating yourself in the mirror?

My answer is, all of the above.

I hate my new hair, seriously, this is not the way of cutting people hair. Come on, I honestly hate my new hair until when I wake up each day, I'll never forget to pray so my hair will grow faster. 

Hate you, hairdresser! You are the reason of my PMS this month. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1 year

I still remember one year ago, exactly on today's date, that was the first time I stepped in KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital as a new staff. One year guys, one year. A lot has happened. Haha. How time flies. I just feel like it was yesterday that I wore a new uniform of mine, silver colour of an eyeshadow with a thin layer of lip stick. I hardly remember the names of each staffs actually. 

It's a lil bit different now. My colleagues and I can actually get along very well and they're actually funny and wacky, unlike what I thought about them before. And the other difference now is, I rarely go to work with a silver colour of an eyeshadow anymore. Sometimes pink and sometimes no eyeshadow at all. Laaazy girl!

So today at work, I shouted to my colleagues, "Guys, hari ni 20 June 2012, genaplah setahun I di Tawakkal. Wohooo"

Everybody was clapping and mocking my wohooo. Haha. I told ya, they're funny and wacky.

Suddenly Kak Mila said, "Okay, Qis akan belanja kita Secret Recipe cake!"

Everybody was clapping stronger and the wohoo went even louder!

Hahaha. No, I didn't treated them any.

These people. Teach me how to be independent. Who give me some guidance and teaching me more about working life. Work is really fun with them especially on makan makan part. I swear! Haha.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Photo from

Honestly, I'm so much closer to my dad compared to my mom. Mom will agree (and will get jealous too) haha. Well, truth be told, dad and I are actually have some similarities. The way we talk, the way we think and mom told me that I'm stubborn, just like my dad when he was young. Haha. 

My dad is actually a stolid man. He talks less but when he talks, you know you'll feel like in a meeting room. He talks a lot about education and future. Like, how am I going to be after finishing my degree? Or like who is my idol in pharmacy field? I always wanted to give him some answers like Cheryl Cole or Izara Aishah or something, but that makes me think twice. Haha. Cause you know some nagging will come out.

There's a funny story about my dad these few days. 

Day 1- I called him out of my boring-ness at Tawakkal, (intended to ask for some money) but I started with  good questions like how's he doing, how's everything in Kelantan. Then he said he missed me. Okay. That's common. I was waiting for something like, "Duit ada?" but he didn't. But he was talking about Egypt instead. Haha.

So I said, "Pa, sebelum kakak pergi Egypt, boleh tak kakak nak...."

Dad: Apa?

Me: Nakk.....

Dad: Apa? Kahwin?

Me: Haaa.

Dad: (Laughing) 

Dad: (Still laughing) 

Dad: Ameerul boleh tanggung kakak ke? (Laughing).

Me: No, bukan nak kahwin la, tunang je. 

Dad: Hm, up to you la.

Me: (Grinning in DISBELIEF of course). HAHA.

I wasn't serious actually, I just wanna tease him. I know this is a serious matter, tunang, nikah and all that. But education must come first right? One thing that keep playing in my mind. Education can bring you anywhere. So what I wanna do is, get a good grade, so that I can get a good job, buy my own house and Volkswagen New Beetle and get married to the man that I love. Is that happy, don't you think? Hehe. (This is how 22 years old girl thinks - don't laugh). :p

Day 2- My dad called me, "Kakak, papa nak post something dekat Facebook kakak".

Me: Post apa?

Dad: Papa nak post gambar kakak then nak tulis, anak papa yang papa sayang dah nak kahwin dan tinggalkan papa.

Me: (Ya Allah!). HAHAHAHA.

Dad: (Laughing) (He laughed a lot, don't you think so? Hehe)

Me: Pa, siapa nak kahwin. Nak tunang la. Tunang je. 

Day 3- He called me again, "Kakak, papa rasa tak puas la bermanja dengan anak papa. Papa rasa tak sanggup kakak nak tinggal papa, nak kahwin".

Me: Eee siapa nak kahwin. Tak nak kahwin lagi la. Hehe.

Dad: Okay la. Continue kerja. Okay bye. Assalamualaikum. 

Me: (Laugh).

Day 15- I called him, "Happy father's day!"

Dad: Oh, okay. Terima kasih anakku.

Me: Pa...

Dad: Apa? 

Me: Takde apa.

Dad: Nak duit ke?

Me: Haaa.


Moral of the story, don't tell him something untrue. He will believe it! Haha. 

Happy father's day you all. Love and appreciate your daddies while we still have them. :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Girl girl

It's been so long that I hadn't met my girlfriends. Ibtisam and I used to work shift so we actually spent our weekend at work. Terrible. Fifiey is in the final year of her study so she might be the busiest one among us cause she claimed that she wasn't slept these past days doing her assignment. Okay, I believe in her. Guess what, she slept in the car in almost all of our journey! Even after karaoke.

They keep teasing me about me going to Egypt and never come back here, get married to Pak Arab there. Ameerul will be all beard waiting for me. Me at Egypt wearing jubah all the time and get sweating inside. They wanted me to imagine how 5 years in Egypt without shopping. Crazy.

From left, Ibtisam, Me, Fatin and Fifiey. We call Fatin as Rozept cause her dad's name is Rozali. Don't get with the people nowadays. -__-

So basically we did the things that we hadn't do it for so long. Karaoke, having dinner together, chit chatting, gossiping, sleepover, pillow talk. But seriously, it was the best ever. I mean, what's more beautiful that spending the time with the girls you love? 

(I don't really wear a slipper but when I do, I paired it with the red skinny pant. LOL.)

Thank you girls. Will print out this photo above and put it inside a frame and bring it to Egypt soon. Hehe. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012



Blur is good.

Haa, trust me now? Get vomit already? Hehehehe. No, kidding. (Ameerul will hit me then) :p

Top from, the shopping site that I addicted to so much. Seriously, I open this website even more often than my own blog. Waiting for them to restock the items by refreshing the website every 10 minutes and will keep an eye on every items that I like. Crazaayyyy!

The camera would blurred our faces and made it clear to the background instead. Huarghh, I don't get this gadget. So nah, tengok la muka blur I! Haha.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy life

Chart to a happy life. (Photo from 9gag)

Few things will change in couple of months from now. I will go to Egypt. Shushy will go one step further with degree. My big bro will complete her degree and my younger sister will be facing SPM. Phew. If I were being my mom, I don't know what should I feel. Her last daughter will be sitting for SPM (life indicator, they say), and her very first son will graduate wohoo and her second child will be leaving the family to chase her dream, to get a better life, to get a good education bla bla bla. See, being a mom isn't that easy.

And being me also is not that easy. I'm such a horrible lady lately. I have faced such tiring week, sleepyhead all day long, crying myself to sleep, thinking of what to do and what my life would wait for me later. I'm just over thinking. My life is on a little pressure (maybe since I told myself to stop shopping or maybe since I work on office hour time). I don't know.

By the way, Ameerul was just registered for his new semester. Ameerul Asharf, I know you're reading this, I wish you all the best and good luck. New semester will get tougher and challenging, I know. Be patient and always put your study as your first priority. Success is waiting for those who work for it. And education can bring you anywhere dear. Remember that you'll always have me, in any situation. :)

Anyhow, life must go on. Move on. Get a better life. I mean, what's life without problems?

Cheers :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cinema drama

Just pictures, of me and me and me again of my happy faces, perhaps (with thickened eyebrows too!). Seriously, I don't know how I feel now. I keep playing the same song over and over again, hoping to get the spirit from the song injected to me. Keep posting the lyrics on Twitter hoping it would make me tough.

Okay, I'm positive.


Well, I met Ameerul yesterday. The first thing that came out from his mouth was not "Hi" or "Hello sayang" or what, it was, "Shin Chan, are you thickened your eyebrows?"

I replied him with a punch on his stomach hoping him to get the answer right. Haha.

And yesterday was such a pretty windy and calm and tranquil evening, so we had a tea and watching a movie. You see, going to cinema with him is actually pretty challenging. He just want to watch his movie. I experienced this so many times.

For example, I said, I wanna watch The Vow. So he said, no, he wanted Wrath of The Titans. So I said, okay. You know what happened? He fell asleep and left me alone watching those freak people in it.

So I didn't want this to happen again this time. I told him yesterday I wanna watch Piranha so he said, no, he wanted to watch Snow White instead. I said, no cause I know that's gonna be so bored.

He said, I was weird cause normally girls will prefer to watch that kind of girly like genre. So okay, he said, "Okay, we watch it separately".

Cruel. Sometimes, I hate him. But I followed what he said. He's lucky cause Snow White wasn't that bad, but I yawned few times.

Still, same shirts of us. Sometimes, love can be seen by the way they dress. Quote annoyingly made by me. Hahaha. Don't hate me!

Friday, June 8, 2012

The team

A week in an Outpatient, has been a little bit challenging. Fussy patients, awareness and avoid from being errors, much less giving me pressure. It's good sometimes when we have experienced patients and they know what they're taking. It ease the process and less chances of doing med error. And a lil bit extra works for new patients who are taking the med for the first time, and some of them are really aware of what they're taking. They wanted me to read the leaflets of the medications; they wanna know the side effects and all. Patients nowadays are brilliant. They want the best for themselves and we just want the best to for both parties. Win.

Anyhow, life must go on. No matter how much burden you carry, there will always be something good that happen in that. 

We got freeeee ice creams today. Haha.

Thank you to Bun, he treated us with Cornetto. Win a lottery or what huh bro? Hehe.

So this is a part of Outpatient Pharmacy team. As I always say to them, "We can do better than this". Or, "Come on guys, our patients are waiting, we can do it. Go go".

So Kak Mila ( the one with the lab coat on) said, "Oh my God, you are just giving me pressure".

Haha, okayyyyy!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hello guys. Guess what, I'm back to my normal daily work routine. Welcome back office hour schedule. Though I will miss how night shift has torture me, but still, I'm thankful that I won't face insomnia and backache again. Happy. And bad side, I have to wake up earlier than before, well, I'm still a teenager, what do you expect? Waking up late is our signature. Okay. Hehe.

I told you Iffni has decided to further her study in Egypt too, with me. So we actually can't never stop talking about going there, whenever we meet. Obsessed. Haha. Well, speaking of going there, hm, somebody actually has advised me, "studying abroad and away from home are not always fun as what we thought". God, the only thing that I could only imagine was me sitting in the toilet, suffering from UTI with no water supply! Really bad.

So I slapped my face and told myself that that was really a long way to go. So just focus on important things now and do some preparations slowly.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hello June!

May has passed. It's now June. See, how time flies? Very fast. I feel like just celebrate new year 2012 with Ameerul last January and I don't really realize that it's actually 5 months back. 

And I hope 5 years in Egypt can fly as fast as this too. Honestly, if there was a machine that could hasten the time, I would buy it, serious. I know it's good to travel, to learn new things, but please, not without my loved ones there. I always ponder, how it would be here after 5 years, I mean, come back and seeing my mom's hair greying and my dad's beard longer (I always imagine them with huge specs, reading newspaper from distance and holding stick, hehe, yes yes I know it's not nice saying something like that to our parents, I'm just kidding and I'm naughty, okay).

Anddd here's my fav picture,

.. of me and Ameerul. :)

Happy monthly anniversary, dear. :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mak's birthday

May has a lot of birthdays. I love it, seriously, especially on makan free part. Hehe. I told you guys before about Fifiey but I didn't have a chance to meet her, so virtually can ah?

And last 29th May was my Mak's birthday. I don't tell much about Mak. So okay, it's much less like this; when I was a little baby, Mak used to take care of me since my Mama was working and she left me with Mak. So that's how I got close to Mak until now. 

So basically I have two moms; Mama my biological mom and Mak who I regard her as my adopted mom. Mama told me that I was being delivered at home (that's why I'm a little bit stubborn!), and Mak was there helping Mama delivering me and welcoming me to the world. She took care of me since then. Mama would came took me after her work.

Pheww. Long story. Haha.

I  remember when I was a little kid, Mak would followed Arwah Abah (sort of my adopted dad la) went working outstation and Mak would brought me too. We used to stay in Kedah for 2 months since Arwah Abah had to settle down his work there and they sent me to some kindergarten there. And we went to Penang, Johor and everywhere I can't remember.

Haha, okay?

And now Mak lives in Puchong and we went all the way down to Puchong to surprise her. Can you see the effort? Haha.

Mak without make up. Me with oily face. 

And eye bags some more. T_T