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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cinema drama

Just pictures, of me and me and me again of my happy faces, perhaps (with thickened eyebrows too!). Seriously, I don't know how I feel now. I keep playing the same song over and over again, hoping to get the spirit from the song injected to me. Keep posting the lyrics on Twitter hoping it would make me tough.

Okay, I'm positive.


Well, I met Ameerul yesterday. The first thing that came out from his mouth was not "Hi" or "Hello sayang" or what, it was, "Shin Chan, are you thickened your eyebrows?"

I replied him with a punch on his stomach hoping him to get the answer right. Haha.

And yesterday was such a pretty windy and calm and tranquil evening, so we had a tea and watching a movie. You see, going to cinema with him is actually pretty challenging. He just want to watch his movie. I experienced this so many times.

For example, I said, I wanna watch The Vow. So he said, no, he wanted Wrath of The Titans. So I said, okay. You know what happened? He fell asleep and left me alone watching those freak people in it.

So I didn't want this to happen again this time. I told him yesterday I wanna watch Piranha so he said, no, he wanted to watch Snow White instead. I said, no cause I know that's gonna be so bored.

He said, I was weird cause normally girls will prefer to watch that kind of girly like genre. So okay, he said, "Okay, we watch it separately".

Cruel. Sometimes, I hate him. But I followed what he said. He's lucky cause Snow White wasn't that bad, but I yawned few times.

Still, same shirts of us. Sometimes, love can be seen by the way they dress. Quote annoyingly made by me. Hahaha. Don't hate me!

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