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Monday, June 18, 2012

Girl girl

It's been so long that I hadn't met my girlfriends. Ibtisam and I used to work shift so we actually spent our weekend at work. Terrible. Fifiey is in the final year of her study so she might be the busiest one among us cause she claimed that she wasn't slept these past days doing her assignment. Okay, I believe in her. Guess what, she slept in the car in almost all of our journey! Even after karaoke.

They keep teasing me about me going to Egypt and never come back here, get married to Pak Arab there. Ameerul will be all beard waiting for me. Me at Egypt wearing jubah all the time and get sweating inside. They wanted me to imagine how 5 years in Egypt without shopping. Crazy.

From left, Ibtisam, Me, Fatin and Fifiey. We call Fatin as Rozept cause her dad's name is Rozali. Don't get with the people nowadays. -__-

So basically we did the things that we hadn't do it for so long. Karaoke, having dinner together, chit chatting, gossiping, sleepover, pillow talk. But seriously, it was the best ever. I mean, what's more beautiful that spending the time with the girls you love? 

(I don't really wear a slipper but when I do, I paired it with the red skinny pant. LOL.)

Thank you girls. Will print out this photo above and put it inside a frame and bring it to Egypt soon. Hehe. 

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