Alya Qistina

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hello June!

May has passed. It's now June. See, how time flies? Very fast. I feel like just celebrate new year 2012 with Ameerul last January and I don't really realize that it's actually 5 months back. 

And I hope 5 years in Egypt can fly as fast as this too. Honestly, if there was a machine that could hasten the time, I would buy it, serious. I know it's good to travel, to learn new things, but please, not without my loved ones there. I always ponder, how it would be here after 5 years, I mean, come back and seeing my mom's hair greying and my dad's beard longer (I always imagine them with huge specs, reading newspaper from distance and holding stick, hehe, yes yes I know it's not nice saying something like that to our parents, I'm just kidding and I'm naughty, okay).

Anddd here's my fav picture,

.. of me and Ameerul. :)

Happy monthly anniversary, dear. :)

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