Alya Qistina

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hello guys. Guess what, I'm back to my normal daily work routine. Welcome back office hour schedule. Though I will miss how night shift has torture me, but still, I'm thankful that I won't face insomnia and backache again. Happy. And bad side, I have to wake up earlier than before, well, I'm still a teenager, what do you expect? Waking up late is our signature. Okay. Hehe.

I told you Iffni has decided to further her study in Egypt too, with me. So we actually can't never stop talking about going there, whenever we meet. Obsessed. Haha. Well, speaking of going there, hm, somebody actually has advised me, "studying abroad and away from home are not always fun as what we thought". God, the only thing that I could only imagine was me sitting in the toilet, suffering from UTI with no water supply! Really bad.

So I slapped my face and told myself that that was really a long way to go. So just focus on important things now and do some preparations slowly.



  1. hahahahahhaaha stoopidd you silly kid!! but yeah, it is true. you will have less chance for special events, like friend's wedding. muahahhaa hate me now!

  2. wow, yeah anyhow, just enjoy everything, it will somehow be one of your best memories, even the worst situations can be great memories eh.. :D Take care over there, girl!