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Friday, June 1, 2012

Mak's birthday

May has a lot of birthdays. I love it, seriously, especially on makan free part. Hehe. I told you guys before about Fifiey but I didn't have a chance to meet her, so virtually can ah?

And last 29th May was my Mak's birthday. I don't tell much about Mak. So okay, it's much less like this; when I was a little baby, Mak used to take care of me since my Mama was working and she left me with Mak. So that's how I got close to Mak until now. 

So basically I have two moms; Mama my biological mom and Mak who I regard her as my adopted mom. Mama told me that I was being delivered at home (that's why I'm a little bit stubborn!), and Mak was there helping Mama delivering me and welcoming me to the world. She took care of me since then. Mama would came took me after her work.

Pheww. Long story. Haha.

I  remember when I was a little kid, Mak would followed Arwah Abah (sort of my adopted dad la) went working outstation and Mak would brought me too. We used to stay in Kedah for 2 months since Arwah Abah had to settle down his work there and they sent me to some kindergarten there. And we went to Penang, Johor and everywhere I can't remember.

Haha, okay?

And now Mak lives in Puchong and we went all the way down to Puchong to surprise her. Can you see the effort? Haha.

Mak without make up. Me with oily face. 

And eye bags some more. T_T

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  1. .kita ade mak juga dekat puchong.what a coincidence.haha.kelakar.sebab sama panggilan dgn tempat.