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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


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Honestly, I'm so much closer to my dad compared to my mom. Mom will agree (and will get jealous too) haha. Well, truth be told, dad and I are actually have some similarities. The way we talk, the way we think and mom told me that I'm stubborn, just like my dad when he was young. Haha. 

My dad is actually a stolid man. He talks less but when he talks, you know you'll feel like in a meeting room. He talks a lot about education and future. Like, how am I going to be after finishing my degree? Or like who is my idol in pharmacy field? I always wanted to give him some answers like Cheryl Cole or Izara Aishah or something, but that makes me think twice. Haha. Cause you know some nagging will come out.

There's a funny story about my dad these few days. 

Day 1- I called him out of my boring-ness at Tawakkal, (intended to ask for some money) but I started with  good questions like how's he doing, how's everything in Kelantan. Then he said he missed me. Okay. That's common. I was waiting for something like, "Duit ada?" but he didn't. But he was talking about Egypt instead. Haha.

So I said, "Pa, sebelum kakak pergi Egypt, boleh tak kakak nak...."

Dad: Apa?

Me: Nakk.....

Dad: Apa? Kahwin?

Me: Haaa.

Dad: (Laughing) 

Dad: (Still laughing) 

Dad: Ameerul boleh tanggung kakak ke? (Laughing).

Me: No, bukan nak kahwin la, tunang je. 

Dad: Hm, up to you la.

Me: (Grinning in DISBELIEF of course). HAHA.

I wasn't serious actually, I just wanna tease him. I know this is a serious matter, tunang, nikah and all that. But education must come first right? One thing that keep playing in my mind. Education can bring you anywhere. So what I wanna do is, get a good grade, so that I can get a good job, buy my own house and Volkswagen New Beetle and get married to the man that I love. Is that happy, don't you think? Hehe. (This is how 22 years old girl thinks - don't laugh). :p

Day 2- My dad called me, "Kakak, papa nak post something dekat Facebook kakak".

Me: Post apa?

Dad: Papa nak post gambar kakak then nak tulis, anak papa yang papa sayang dah nak kahwin dan tinggalkan papa.

Me: (Ya Allah!). HAHAHAHA.

Dad: (Laughing) (He laughed a lot, don't you think so? Hehe)

Me: Pa, siapa nak kahwin. Nak tunang la. Tunang je. 

Day 3- He called me again, "Kakak, papa rasa tak puas la bermanja dengan anak papa. Papa rasa tak sanggup kakak nak tinggal papa, nak kahwin".

Me: Eee siapa nak kahwin. Tak nak kahwin lagi la. Hehe.

Dad: Okay la. Continue kerja. Okay bye. Assalamualaikum. 

Me: (Laugh).

Day 15- I called him, "Happy father's day!"

Dad: Oh, okay. Terima kasih anakku.

Me: Pa...

Dad: Apa? 

Me: Takde apa.

Dad: Nak duit ke?

Me: Haaa.


Moral of the story, don't tell him something untrue. He will believe it! Haha. 

Happy father's day you all. Love and appreciate your daddies while we still have them. :)


  1. Yes,appreciate selagi dia ada.bertuah kak Qist.jaga dia molek,k ;)

  2. tp kalau tunang pun apa salahnye qissy. hehe