Alya Qistina

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hate you

The moment when you are too bored with your current hair style and you want something new to your hair, you go to the hair saloon and the hairdresser seems to understand what you'd really want, but she actually doesn't and your hair turn out to be sooooo BAD!

How will you feel?

Killing the hairdresser? Go to another hair saloon to fix your hair up? Crying in the shower? Hating yourself in the mirror?

My answer is, all of the above.

I hate my new hair, seriously, this is not the way of cutting people hair. Come on, I honestly hate my new hair until when I wake up each day, I'll never forget to pray so my hair will grow faster. 

Hate you, hairdresser! You are the reason of my PMS this month. 

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