Alya Qistina

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Pink Day

Yuhuu, the time has ultimately came! Finally I'd been through a day of my final year project's presentation at UiTM Puncak Alam. Pheww.

I was freaking nervous, I swear. I woke up late at 7 am while the students should be gathered at 8 am. Girls won't never get enough with one hour of dressing up time.

Pink. This baju kurung was made 2 months before the presentation's date.

Nervous-unprepared girl was busy studying her report and slides while keeping her butterflies in her stomach grew.

The trio, the most awesome team I've ever worked with. Seriously guys, princess won't lie. :p

I made it, man! The panels were in love with our presesntation (as far as I know) haha and I know that I can keep my smile for the whole day then.

The whole year efforts are really paid off. I am so thankful to Allah, He knows what's the best for me. Alhamdullillah.

Friday, March 18, 2011

wonderful woman

I woke up this morning watching Oprah's show and she was interview-ing this one super wow Queen, Queen Rania Al Abdullah, the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan. I read about her before and yes, she is wonderful, articulate yet generous. Beautiful inside out, clearly.

She talked confidently, get herself involves in many charity works and being respected by all. I love how she talked to Oprah like she communicated in very good manners as she didn't felt herself as a Queen. Humble and polite. That's a beauty of being a Queen, everything good that you do is always being spotted as nice things.

Charming with four sweethearts.

Anddd, this is Vivy Sofinas. I knew her as Proudduck. I was reading a newspaper that wrote about her blog, almost 5 months ago and following her up until now.

I personally love how she writes her blog up and how she appreciates her fun life. Being surrounded by such a lovely caring family, boyfriend and freaking funny friends is like a good fortune for her. I adore how she dresses herself in such a sofisticated way and how she manages her own business like so coooool.
Photo of Vivy Sofinas from

Vivy's picture from

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

new strong one

I got this from tumblr, reblog this and keep reading all the words over and over again. It grows you a strength, I swear. :)

Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm staying up, again, tonight doing my last touch on our slideshows' presentation while tomorrow would gonna be a tired working day as always, I bet. I'm pretty excited while getting all these done, I don't know why. Hormone changes turns me out as a damn gorgeous harworking workaholic young pretty good lady. BOO ME NOW! Or it might has something to do with dysmenorrhea. Who knows.

I'm having a friend with me now, the most useless friend I've ever known, Shushy who is on the phone with me since she is so wanting to accompany me doing my work. Sounds like she's so nice girl at heart huh? Thanks babe, you are as sweet as always. Duh. Haha.

I'm really gonna blog about her in here now because all that we've ever talked since last few hours is just only about the same thing; school. We missed all those moments where jumping over a fence would never made us felt guilty. Sneaking out during classes and went to school's garden to steal some fresh fruits. I know, it was a boring topic, and one would probably gonna lend their ears to us anymore. Lend the eyes, to be more appropriate.


Hell yes, I missed my old school. I miss Shushy. I remember how we cheated in almost every exams. We slept during exams and she would gave me her answer sheet to be filled by me since we only have 2 hours of exam's duration while she was just sleeping with the saliva drown all over the table. Okay, I'm kidding. She's so mean from high school, can't you guys see? Haha.

She's a nice friend to be with. Sincere from her heart.


I'm stuck in the middle of doing this report. Got a headache from period and already took my PCM dose. Gotta continue to do my report.

Love, Qissy.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


It'd be much less than a month that we are going to have our presentation for final sem project. Phewwww. Life is really testing us. This could be a determining presentation for what we have done for this whole year.

God bless me, I have a great teammate behind my back and a great pharmacist who always looking forward to us.

Awesome team that I've got. I don't know but I maybe a kind of perfectionist one, I wanna have a perfect report with no error, impressed slides show and what so ever. We even stayed up late to finish our thing perfectly and had some group meeting, even after freaking tired working day.

Can you see, we do really working hard for it, don't we?


Eating could be so proportional to the effort of working. Thank you, I was totally full.

Day 2 of disscussion.

Why they had to be so serious? Hehe.

See, a picture of a girl in the laptop pretty much could give some calm to the picture. LOL.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

25 Hari Mencari Cinta

Semua orang sekarang tengah busy. Buat final report sebab next two weeks dah kena submit lepas tu semua mesti tengah sibuk buat slideshow whatsoeverr sebab next month or less than 3 weeks kita kena pergi present. Happy gila, bukan happy nak present, apehal kan? Aku excited lebih sebab nak jumpa korang balik.

Nak tengok korang after a year masing-masing pergi practical jauh jauh. Mana lah tahu kan muka tiba-tiba berubah ke makan steroid lebih-lebih ke. Bau badan dah takde sebab banyak sangat paw Aqua Dermis dekat hospital masing-masing ke kannnnn! Jerawat dah hilang Benxyl Benzoate paw tak nak kalah, nak yang dose tinggi je. Nak jumpa Fik, 24 jam sakit belakang je kerja.

Merapu. -__-

Sebenarnya, aku rindu korang.


Nak pakai mask masa H1N1, over je.

Semester 2. Pergi camp kat mana lupa. Tapi kena belajar buat CPR.

Ni tak tahu dorang gelak kenapa.

Ohhhh! I miss waking up early just to wear my eyeliner perfectly and pergi Unit Kesihatan sebab ada attachment dispensing.

Excited nya nak derma darah.

Then after two years I'd been in the same class with him, I only knew the reason of why Shafiq always came late to almost all classes. Hehe.

Sorority Row tak jadi.

Nak pergi class at 10 am.

Semua orang pakai baju biru kena masuk gambar ni. Iffa macam cantik gila.
Kalau baju hijau, masuk sini. Eh baju hijau, handbag orange? Nvm. Style never goes out of fashion.

Lab Anatomy and Physiology.

Potrait lah konon. :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011


No offense, dude.

But this could be quite sensitive to some, or some might think that this is funny. I don't have any idea for that kind of thought. Because seriously, everytime my lecturers mentioned about Viagra during our lectures last time, most of the students laughed out so loud like they were watching kind of Mr Bean's stupid Christmas celebration, especially BOYS. And they continued to grin for the whole lecture then.

HAHA. I even laughed too, that was when I was so young in all these medicine thing.

I was kinda surprised once I received a prescription from a doctor requesting for Viagra supply for his 3 YEARS OLD PATIENT. Err, in capital letter, just so you alert how young the patient was.

Viagra basically contain of Sildenafil citrate come in different strength; 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. The severe the disease, the higher the dosage strength needed by the patient.

Viagra is needed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence which some men find himself fail in erection due to low blood supply to their specific organ and always know that blood brings oxygen. Since there is no blood, then no oxygen delivered thus no mucsle dilation occured.

Medically, it involves several hormones that trigger to muscle dilation. By giving them Viagra, it will help by flowing the blood to the organ.



Hell no for the immature organ to works. That baby boy was actually suffered from heart attack.

Because Viagra's one of side effect is attacking patient's heart. Viagra is always work to trigger some hormones so the specific muscle arteries will dilate. Dilation of arteries allows the blood and oxygen to flow. The baby boy was actually having low oxygen supply to his heart, that trigger to heart attack.

The baby was actually taking an advantage of Viagra's side effects, not because of erection fail, clearly.

These boxes of Viagra were going to be supplied to a woman. I don't know what was her medical complication but I hope her neighbour won't have a cynical thought towards her for taking Viagra. LOL.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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