Alya Qistina

Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm staying up, again, tonight doing my last touch on our slideshows' presentation while tomorrow would gonna be a tired working day as always, I bet. I'm pretty excited while getting all these done, I don't know why. Hormone changes turns me out as a damn gorgeous harworking workaholic young pretty good lady. BOO ME NOW! Or it might has something to do with dysmenorrhea. Who knows.

I'm having a friend with me now, the most useless friend I've ever known, Shushy who is on the phone with me since she is so wanting to accompany me doing my work. Sounds like she's so nice girl at heart huh? Thanks babe, you are as sweet as always. Duh. Haha.

I'm really gonna blog about her in here now because all that we've ever talked since last few hours is just only about the same thing; school. We missed all those moments where jumping over a fence would never made us felt guilty. Sneaking out during classes and went to school's garden to steal some fresh fruits. I know, it was a boring topic, and one would probably gonna lend their ears to us anymore. Lend the eyes, to be more appropriate.


Hell yes, I missed my old school. I miss Shushy. I remember how we cheated in almost every exams. We slept during exams and she would gave me her answer sheet to be filled by me since we only have 2 hours of exam's duration while she was just sleeping with the saliva drown all over the table. Okay, I'm kidding. She's so mean from high school, can't you guys see? Haha.

She's a nice friend to be with. Sincere from her heart.


I'm stuck in the middle of doing this report. Got a headache from period and already took my PCM dose. Gotta continue to do my report.

Love, Qissy.


  1. HAHA tu lah, tapi we were having lotsa fun, kan? :)