Alya Qistina

Saturday, March 12, 2011


It'd be much less than a month that we are going to have our presentation for final sem project. Phewwww. Life is really testing us. This could be a determining presentation for what we have done for this whole year.

God bless me, I have a great teammate behind my back and a great pharmacist who always looking forward to us.

Awesome team that I've got. I don't know but I maybe a kind of perfectionist one, I wanna have a perfect report with no error, impressed slides show and what so ever. We even stayed up late to finish our thing perfectly and had some group meeting, even after freaking tired working day.

Can you see, we do really working hard for it, don't we?


Eating could be so proportional to the effort of working. Thank you, I was totally full.

Day 2 of disscussion.

Why they had to be so serious? Hehe.

See, a picture of a girl in the laptop pretty much could give some calm to the picture. LOL.


  1. wahhh,lawanya qist mu paka shawl tu :D

  2. Fyza, ececeh. Kuat bodek, patutlah tsunami kat Japan. -__- Haha, nway thanks so much sebab puji. Kekeke

    Bunny, thanks so much. My prayer will always be with you too. :)

  3. Goodluck dear friend. Can't wait to see your presentation. :)