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Friday, March 18, 2011

wonderful woman

I woke up this morning watching Oprah's show and she was interview-ing this one super wow Queen, Queen Rania Al Abdullah, the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan. I read about her before and yes, she is wonderful, articulate yet generous. Beautiful inside out, clearly.

She talked confidently, get herself involves in many charity works and being respected by all. I love how she talked to Oprah like she communicated in very good manners as she didn't felt herself as a Queen. Humble and polite. That's a beauty of being a Queen, everything good that you do is always being spotted as nice things.

Charming with four sweethearts.

Anddd, this is Vivy Sofinas. I knew her as Proudduck. I was reading a newspaper that wrote about her blog, almost 5 months ago and following her up until now.

I personally love how she writes her blog up and how she appreciates her fun life. Being surrounded by such a lovely caring family, boyfriend and freaking funny friends is like a good fortune for her. I adore how she dresses herself in such a sofisticated way and how she manages her own business like so coooool.
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