Alya Qistina

Thursday, January 30, 2014

3 down, 7 to go

So now, I've done with my final exams. 7 papers, 7 different feelings, 7 different situations. Not to forget, 7 sleepless nights. My sleeping pattern was messed up, I sometimes sit the exams with no sleep the night before and sometimes sitting the exam just after I woke up. And since it's in winter, I didn't really need that much time to dress up to school. Just wear anything that you want and cover them with a winter coat. And grabbed the lycra shawl that obviously doesn't need any ironing.

I'm not sure if I understand my brain very well, but I think I work best under pressure. I tried several times to study early so that a day before the exam, I can revise everything that I learnt and start doing some exercises.

Ha Ha Ha. (Laugh to myself). But I'm still proud of myself, come to think of it, I was quite ambitious. Hahaha.

And I utterly can't.

I don't know how it worked. But when I tried to study early, I suddenly became so playful and hard to concentrate. For example, I skipped few pages. Or I took a break to play Candy Crush. Or I slept the whole day and started being ambitious again the next day. Hahaha. Bad student.

So yes, 24 hours before the exam, I switched my engine on, pressed the 5th gear and only took a break 4 to 5 times just to do the necessities; eat, pray and shower. Nescafe was a real best friend. No more crazy Candy Crush and only did WhatsApp a little. I was really in a rush. I had to finish 187 pages of Pharmacognosy text book in a day!

Oh Lord..

The same things happened for the rest papers. Hahaha. I remember last year when I didn't sleep and went to the exam with a patch on my head.

It wasn't healthy, of course. And I'm not sure if it's a habit or whatever, but I tend to study last minute. The same things as in my diploma years.

Whatever it is, let's just hope for the best result. All is well. All is well. All is well. All is... *yawn*

Gotta continue my sweet dreams. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

I love you, uterus

Hello, welcome back my monthly visit! Been waiting for you since your last visit almost 4 weeks ago. So, what's new this month? Anyway, thank you so much for the welcoming party yesterday, it was fun, I was drunk (i.e. crawling in pain) till I threw up and my uterus liked it so much. It couldn't stop partying, it cramped really well until I passed out (i.e. sleep) early last night. Very fun, congratulations. 

Just to let you know, I have received your arrival signs last week. Those migraines and back pains. They were actually giving me hard times since I have few final exams coming up. But I endured it very well. Your enemy called Panadol, they help me to reduce the pain. And I threw up several times too. 

And also, thank you for the welcoming gift where I found myself emotionally and mentally distracted. I cried for no reasons last week. Also, I eat a lot too. Eat instant noodle at 1 am after eating rice at 12 am. My stomach really liked it. But I think Ameerul was a lil bit annoyed, since I mad at him for being late in replying my Whatsapp, which I think not a proper thing to do, well, you know.. He's like the victim here. You are targeting me right? Not the people around me. But he's okay now, so don't worry.

And today, I think the party is still on since the waiters called Prostaglandins are on duty now to make sure that the uterus is still celebrating your arrival, they are so happy that the cramp wouldn't want to stop, even if I try a lot of possible positions to let the pain stop, but nothing has changed. Taking bath also requires a double times than usual cause I have to crawl to get the shampoo. And my every steps also need me to do it in slow motion. Oh, not to forget, well done, I think you do your job really well since I find myself really hurt to just fart out and constipation just make my intestines yell in the toilet.

No, I don't take any medication, I know you hurt me so much, but instead, I'm thankful that you finally come to me, at least you have proved to me that I'm normal and I welcome you with all my heart and let you do your job naturally. For your own future, too! And for your neighbour called kidneys - toxic-free for them, please?

As much as I hate how you torture me, I'm so happy about your visit, every month right on time and be punctual on schedule. You just give me a sign of a healthy body. It's okay if you hurt me, because when the pain comes to me, I know Allah is erasing my sins. :)

 I love you, uterus. Mwah.

Just sharing: Yoga positions to treat the period pain. 
Kidneys must like it, but I think my brain will object this. Ahh, you lazy girl.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Qistina and Fairil

It happened to me to have a new boyfriend. Call him Fairil.

Haha. Okay, don't panic.

That only happened in a novel written by my lovely friend, Eeza.

 A lil bit about Eeza, she's my friend at UiTM and now doing her degree at UiTM Shah Alam, major in Civil Engineering (Dean List's student - almost all semesters - cooool isn't it?)

I can recall those moments when she was working on this novel. I knew Eeza through Shushy where Eeza was Shushy's housemate cum classmate and we can actually get along well. During my diploma years, I went to their house really often and made it my second house.

Eeza is a morning person, unlike Shushy and I. And her favourite place was of course her study desk, the place where the laptop was on all the times and the books got revised.

So one day, when I got to their house, they told me that Eeza was working on her new project and using my name as the main character. Of course, I was proud haha but Eeza won't let anyone read it until everything was done.

I was known for being impatient, and I was so eager to read it.

Guess what, it has been published now!

Congratulations Eeza for your first baby! Aaaah, it was really wonderful to witness such happy moments. It's like counting days for a birth of a baby, where you followed the progress of every stages, you were there through ups and downs, seeing how painful the processes were and how excited it was to finally end it. It was amazing.

And what's more amazing is..

So happy and proud of Eeza. And she is now working for the second baby. Way to go girl. :)

Monday, January 13, 2014


5 days before Wani and Kiena went back to Malaysia for good, they said, "Alex jom esok?"

Everybody was like, "Jom"

Alexandria and Zagazig is 4 hours road journey. We stayed 2 nights there, so Lin and I had to skip 2 classes. Hehehe but I did it willingly. Lecturer actually recognized me and asked, "Were you absent last week?", I replied, "Yeahh, sorry (smiled very very wide).

It was my very last outing with Wani and Kiena. Kiena suddenly acted like a tourist and captured every moments throughout the journey and Wani started to buy almost everything in Alex to bring them back to Malaysia as souvenirs. This was exactly like what we planned to do during our final year in Egypt. Little did that I knew, last year was their final year. T_T

Our moments were filled with laughs and tears. One minute when we're really happy and teasing each other, and the other minutes we shed tears thinking how much we're going to miss each other.

I'll never forget this. The moment when we're having a lunch in a cafe in Alex, I said, "I'm so sad".

Wani said, "Me too".
I said, "Are you guys sure with the decision?"

Kiena said, "Only Allah knows how I feel. I wanna stay in Egypt. But things are getting harder."

I started to cry, and continued, "Honestly, I don't mind if everyone in our class is going back, but not you and Kiena. I'd rather stay with just you guys".


Everybody cried. 

Breathe in, breathe out. We continued eating.

Deep inside my heart, I actually agreed with their decision. Going back to Malaysia was the most brilliant decision for them. And I'm really happy. It's just that, I'm so gonna miss you.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

goodbye my loves

Something big had happened to me last year. I've lost my best friends (such a dramatic writer, you're not losing them forever). Wani and Kiena are no longer studying in Egypt. They've gotten a place in one of private colleges in Malaysia but still doing pharmacy.

Wani tried to hide the news from me at first while everybody knew it except me. Cause she really didn't want me to cry. Of course, I didn't cry (I hid it so so well and acted silly in front of them all the time) but went to class with huge eye bags lol. Once she told me about that, and she shed some tears, I thought "Oh noo, is it for real?". And when we lepak at her room, I pull out the class schedule that she pasted on the wall, and crumpled it. She didn't give any response but laughed, so I thought, "Oh noooo this might be real".

It was quite long period of me being so emotional and just by thinking about it, my tears run heavily. I liked to tease Wani by singing some goodbye songs, of course the fragile one like her would cry and cry and cry. And my heart cried out soooo loud.

I always asked her, "Are you really going to leave me?"

"And who am I going to be friend with?

"Who would stay and study with me during final exams anymore?"

"Who would bla bla bla"

Of course, she cried. 

But telling me, "Don't worry, Allah sends us here so that we can be friends. We are still going to be pharmacist, but our journeys are different. My fate is there (Malaysia)"

Upon her departure, I cried so so hard, we hugged each other as if we're not going to meet each other anymore and got some Egyptian staring at us, like, what the heck are those Malaysians doing? Hahaha.

I know it was such a good opportunity for Wani and Kiena to go back and doing their degree there. With few problems in Egypt and embassy some more. And Wani and Kiena just made a right choice. I'm happy for them and still, losing them is really really miserable. 

Wani is one of my friends who would stay with you through thin and thick. When I didn't do well in exams, when I had a money problem ( she lend me 500LE just for shopping hahaha ), when Baby J was down, when I was having period cramps, she comforted me all the times. And she's still being someone who I can be silly with. 

I really miss her ordering me around to cook for her. Sharing stories with me. Nagging me for waking up late for Subuh. Didn't allow me to use my own laptop cause she wanted to use it. Haha.

I will be okay here without them and I am. But still, those empty feelings.. It sometimes makes me wanna cry.. 

 Made them a card

Bye bye..

Monday, January 6, 2014

Semester 3 final exams

3 papers down, 4 more to go.

Organic Chemistry 3

Medical Terminology

Pharmacognosy 2




Analytical Chemistry 2

I don't know how to describe the first 3 papers. Different feeling with different environment and exam papers. I don't expect too much but I don't expect low. So, just wait. And some papers do have an oral exam after the written exams and that pretty much contribute some marks and affect your GPA. 

So just pray. Pray and pray and pray.

Keep calm and fight for the next papers.

p/s : Good luck to you too, Mr Engineer. And Mrs Engineer (Shushy).

Saturday, January 4, 2014


3 years and 9 months. 

Equals to 45 months in total, none of them that he would go wishing me an anniversary wish at the first place. 

And then he would say, "Oh god, I thought tomorrow is 31st November, I totally forgot that November only has 30 days."

Great, now what? We would have 32nd December on December?

He would continued, "I promise you, I won't do it again next month, okay?"



(I smirked)

And he kept making it as excuse that it's normal for a man to forget those important dates and events and whatnots. I was so tolerable that I tried not to handle that with my female hormones, so I decided to use my brain to accept the fact that everybody has flaws. But I cannot tahannnn I would always spill my words and ended up with my 10 minutes lecture.

And he would fearlessly laughed. Such a brave man.

Then  he would bravely said, "Don't forget to blog about me!"

He definitely had no fear at all.

And that pretty much sums up our 45-months-relationship.

Happy 3.9 anniversary to you. :)

We'll see how next month.

Friday, January 3, 2014

24 y/o

22 years ago.. Pardon the cheeky smile. I'd always looked like a naughty little girl who would pull your hair with no guilt.

22 years ago, I was celebrating my birthday with my two brothers. Definitely the stubborn sister would never want to share the knife for cake-cutting with the other siblings. And now, unofficially being 24 years old, there's so much more to achieve rather than fighting over a cake knife. 

I don't really have a new year resolution. What I want to do is, doing my best in whatever that I'm going to do ; whatever, I mean, in my studies, relationship, cooking, or even sleeping. Hahaha yes, the same Qistina as in 2013. 

Being a student in 2014, I'm still in my second year of a degree programme. No pressure, but yes, can't wait to finish it. I mean it.

Being a woman in 2014, (24 is considered as an adult, thank you), I've no pressure in marriage too. My mom's getting married when she was 24. And I've been receiving wedding invitations from my friends almost every week. My best friends are going to tie the knot real soon (again, without having me in Malaysia. Seriously, aren't Dolls feel guilty getting married without having me as a bridesmaid?). 

But frankly, I knew every details of my life has been planned properly. Starting from the moment when my mom popped me out, and school and friends and work and marriage and kids. So, nothing to be scared of. I believe that everything has been arranged nicely, and I just have to play a beautiful role and enjoy the present moment. Just make the best of it, so you won't regret it later.


I'm so grown up. My hormones work very fast on a new year that I can't believe I just talked about life. It's only 3rd January, man. Haha.