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Monday, January 13, 2014


5 days before Wani and Kiena went back to Malaysia for good, they said, "Alex jom esok?"

Everybody was like, "Jom"

Alexandria and Zagazig is 4 hours road journey. We stayed 2 nights there, so Lin and I had to skip 2 classes. Hehehe but I did it willingly. Lecturer actually recognized me and asked, "Were you absent last week?", I replied, "Yeahh, sorry (smiled very very wide).

It was my very last outing with Wani and Kiena. Kiena suddenly acted like a tourist and captured every moments throughout the journey and Wani started to buy almost everything in Alex to bring them back to Malaysia as souvenirs. This was exactly like what we planned to do during our final year in Egypt. Little did that I knew, last year was their final year. T_T

Our moments were filled with laughs and tears. One minute when we're really happy and teasing each other, and the other minutes we shed tears thinking how much we're going to miss each other.

I'll never forget this. The moment when we're having a lunch in a cafe in Alex, I said, "I'm so sad".

Wani said, "Me too".
I said, "Are you guys sure with the decision?"

Kiena said, "Only Allah knows how I feel. I wanna stay in Egypt. But things are getting harder."

I started to cry, and continued, "Honestly, I don't mind if everyone in our class is going back, but not you and Kiena. I'd rather stay with just you guys".


Everybody cried. 

Breathe in, breathe out. We continued eating.

Deep inside my heart, I actually agreed with their decision. Going back to Malaysia was the most brilliant decision for them. And I'm really happy. It's just that, I'm so gonna miss you.

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