Alya Qistina

Friday, January 3, 2014

24 y/o

22 years ago.. Pardon the cheeky smile. I'd always looked like a naughty little girl who would pull your hair with no guilt.

22 years ago, I was celebrating my birthday with my two brothers. Definitely the stubborn sister would never want to share the knife for cake-cutting with the other siblings. And now, unofficially being 24 years old, there's so much more to achieve rather than fighting over a cake knife. 

I don't really have a new year resolution. What I want to do is, doing my best in whatever that I'm going to do ; whatever, I mean, in my studies, relationship, cooking, or even sleeping. Hahaha yes, the same Qistina as in 2013. 

Being a student in 2014, I'm still in my second year of a degree programme. No pressure, but yes, can't wait to finish it. I mean it.

Being a woman in 2014, (24 is considered as an adult, thank you), I've no pressure in marriage too. My mom's getting married when she was 24. And I've been receiving wedding invitations from my friends almost every week. My best friends are going to tie the knot real soon (again, without having me in Malaysia. Seriously, aren't Dolls feel guilty getting married without having me as a bridesmaid?). 

But frankly, I knew every details of my life has been planned properly. Starting from the moment when my mom popped me out, and school and friends and work and marriage and kids. So, nothing to be scared of. I believe that everything has been arranged nicely, and I just have to play a beautiful role and enjoy the present moment. Just make the best of it, so you won't regret it later.


I'm so grown up. My hormones work very fast on a new year that I can't believe I just talked about life. It's only 3rd January, man. Haha. 

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