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Sunday, January 12, 2014

goodbye my loves

Something big had happened to me last year. I've lost my best friends (such a dramatic writer, you're not losing them forever). Wani and Kiena are no longer studying in Egypt. They've gotten a place in one of private colleges in Malaysia but still doing pharmacy.

Wani tried to hide the news from me at first while everybody knew it except me. Cause she really didn't want me to cry. Of course, I didn't cry (I hid it so so well and acted silly in front of them all the time) but went to class with huge eye bags lol. Once she told me about that, and she shed some tears, I thought "Oh noo, is it for real?". And when we lepak at her room, I pull out the class schedule that she pasted on the wall, and crumpled it. She didn't give any response but laughed, so I thought, "Oh noooo this might be real".

It was quite long period of me being so emotional and just by thinking about it, my tears run heavily. I liked to tease Wani by singing some goodbye songs, of course the fragile one like her would cry and cry and cry. And my heart cried out soooo loud.

I always asked her, "Are you really going to leave me?"

"And who am I going to be friend with?

"Who would stay and study with me during final exams anymore?"

"Who would bla bla bla"

Of course, she cried. 

But telling me, "Don't worry, Allah sends us here so that we can be friends. We are still going to be pharmacist, but our journeys are different. My fate is there (Malaysia)"

Upon her departure, I cried so so hard, we hugged each other as if we're not going to meet each other anymore and got some Egyptian staring at us, like, what the heck are those Malaysians doing? Hahaha.

I know it was such a good opportunity for Wani and Kiena to go back and doing their degree there. With few problems in Egypt and embassy some more. And Wani and Kiena just made a right choice. I'm happy for them and still, losing them is really really miserable. 

Wani is one of my friends who would stay with you through thin and thick. When I didn't do well in exams, when I had a money problem ( she lend me 500LE just for shopping hahaha ), when Baby J was down, when I was having period cramps, she comforted me all the times. And she's still being someone who I can be silly with. 

I really miss her ordering me around to cook for her. Sharing stories with me. Nagging me for waking up late for Subuh. Didn't allow me to use my own laptop cause she wanted to use it. Haha.

I will be okay here without them and I am. But still, those empty feelings.. It sometimes makes me wanna cry.. 

 Made them a card

Bye bye..

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