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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Qistina and Fairil

It happened to me to have a new boyfriend. Call him Fairil.

Haha. Okay, don't panic.

That only happened in a novel written by my lovely friend, Eeza.

 A lil bit about Eeza, she's my friend at UiTM and now doing her degree at UiTM Shah Alam, major in Civil Engineering (Dean List's student - almost all semesters - cooool isn't it?)

I can recall those moments when she was working on this novel. I knew Eeza through Shushy where Eeza was Shushy's housemate cum classmate and we can actually get along well. During my diploma years, I went to their house really often and made it my second house.

Eeza is a morning person, unlike Shushy and I. And her favourite place was of course her study desk, the place where the laptop was on all the times and the books got revised.

So one day, when I got to their house, they told me that Eeza was working on her new project and using my name as the main character. Of course, I was proud haha but Eeza won't let anyone read it until everything was done.

I was known for being impatient, and I was so eager to read it.

Guess what, it has been published now!

Congratulations Eeza for your first baby! Aaaah, it was really wonderful to witness such happy moments. It's like counting days for a birth of a baby, where you followed the progress of every stages, you were there through ups and downs, seeing how painful the processes were and how excited it was to finally end it. It was amazing.

And what's more amazing is..

So happy and proud of Eeza. And she is now working for the second baby. Way to go girl. :)

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