Alya Qistina

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


It's getting hotter and hotter each day!

Now it's coming to the end of the spring. And summer's followed.

 One thing, I love summer cause that's when you can start wearing back your colourful blouses, you can walk swankily holding the rainbow-colour umbrella and never care about people whom giving you any suspicious look. Cause I'd never see Egyptians use umbrella here during summer, even if the sun would ever gets 1 inch distant to earth. They really love sun bathing, I guess. 

But obviously, I'd get too much melanin that my skin can prepared itself to be darker and my glands become so active, I secrete sweat so much I want to cry. The feeling is like, I'm about to lose my pride as a woman, truth be told, no ones in the world want to have a 24-hours-wet-armpit!


But well, they say, sweating is good since it helps to secrete unwanted waste substances in the body bla bla bla... I don't want to be sounded like a nerdy student, but this makes me realize how important sweat is in health. Your body becomes more active, just by the season changes! How impressive when I suddenly become an active athlete just because I walk 30 minutes in a day under the hot sun and I produce a lot of sweat!

Yeahhh I am so optimistic about this summer! Hahaha.

So okay, bring it on! 

Well, by any chance, is it possible to get my normal skin colour back after 3 months? Sigh..

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spring yaww

So it's a spring season in some other countries too, since my friends who study abroad got to upload their pictures behind the tulips everyday and got me so jealous - cause there's no tulips here I want to capture a picture with!

I was so eager to see how spring here looked like and we went to a park last week. 

Egypt's first impression of spring wasn't that bad. It was rare since there's no way in the whole world you will find a flower wholly covered by dust! Hahaha. Well, it's true.

Since the park is in Cairo, so I invited Aiman (Ameerul's brother) to come and joined us. Aiman, who knows so much about Kakqis and how she loves camera, like she cannot go anywhere without a camera and how obsessed Kakqis is towards camera, so Aiman brought his DSLR.

The moment when Aiman took out his camera, I said, "Wow you bring your camera?"

Aiman replied, "Eleh, buat tanya pulakk!"


Am I that annoying that people will get that impression on me? Hehe.

Few pictures.. 

Okay, it went like this, when few pharmacy students who study about plants, flowers, trees and how they grow, how important they are in producing drugs, how poisonous they are, how they can be cultivated and collected, we were sort of excited seeing these plants that we knew!

So we went like "Ohh this is Karkadeh!" or "Wowww, Cammomile, look at its ray floret and disc floret". Sigh, it was more like a Pharmacognosy class trip. Haha.

It was fun. I love it how we were altogether enjoying the good scenery of the park, the calmness that made me forgot about all the continuous exams, and beautiful-hearted friends with me, and the camera that was following me! Haha. No, kidding.

But I like it when my friends were so comfortable with Aiman, and how they can get along so well. We laughed a lot.

And went back to Zagazig with few stressed acnes, hehehe.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dear Baby J

This is Baby J, my cellphone. I named her 2 days ago since the incident when it suddenly refused to switch on after I accidentally spilled it with Sprite. Yes, you can see it now, carbonated drinks are not good, they give you too many bad things, I have received 2 so far. 1- Pre diabetic. 2-It spilled over my cellphone- which I can't do anything about it!

There's this myth on how to save your cellphone - immerse it in a bowl of rice. I tried it for 2 days, so after 2 days, I thought the moistures are all absorbed, and guess what, I can successfully switched it on! I was so happy, I danced in front of my friends and they followed me, we were so happy. But still, the camera wasn't function. So we stopped dancing.


Well, it's like a miracle when after I played Jonghyun's My Love song, the camera functioned back! That's how she got her name, Baby J.

Well, okay. Nothing last forever.

Baby J is sick again.

When we were watching a video on Keek last night, Baby J suddenly turned black. Nothing came out. Sounds stopped. No pictures appeared. Like a magic. Yes, magic blackout- I know you get what I mean. That's how I felt though.

And right now, Baby J is admitted in a bowl of rice again. I don't know, my heart feels something like, there's no way Baby J can be saved anymore. Like, this is the end of everything for Baby J. Baby J will die after drowning in Sprite. How sad her life is.

Sigh you carbonated drink......

And now, I just don't know what to do. I missed my Family Farm, Subway Surfers, Pou Pet.

And my Mom.

I'm such a miserable kid.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Worst handwriting

For me, 1 hour for Organic Chemistry practical exam was not enough. Well, if they have given me 3 hours though, it will still never be enough, cause it's Qissy. Haha. So yeahh, actually most of my friends did it in less than 30 minutes. But I don't know what's with me, it was chaos. Like I was in the middle of war or something. 

I don't know how to relax in exams. The moment when I get the exam papers, I suddenly become kelam kabut and I'm rushing to finish it. I can't wait to finish it! I don't know whyyyyyy... 

Just look at my handwriting in Organic Chemistry practical exam few days ago....

Messy! I just hope that my lecturer will understand me. 

And this is my usual handwriting. 

Sigh. I just don't know why. But thank God alhamdulillah, Allah listened to me. I've got full marks for this. Hahaha!