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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


It's getting hotter and hotter each day!

Now it's coming to the end of the spring. And summer's followed.

 One thing, I love summer cause that's when you can start wearing back your colourful blouses, you can walk swankily holding the rainbow-colour umbrella and never care about people whom giving you any suspicious look. Cause I'd never see Egyptians use umbrella here during summer, even if the sun would ever gets 1 inch distant to earth. They really love sun bathing, I guess. 

But obviously, I'd get too much melanin that my skin can prepared itself to be darker and my glands become so active, I secrete sweat so much I want to cry. The feeling is like, I'm about to lose my pride as a woman, truth be told, no ones in the world want to have a 24-hours-wet-armpit!


But well, they say, sweating is good since it helps to secrete unwanted waste substances in the body bla bla bla... I don't want to be sounded like a nerdy student, but this makes me realize how important sweat is in health. Your body becomes more active, just by the season changes! How impressive when I suddenly become an active athlete just because I walk 30 minutes in a day under the hot sun and I produce a lot of sweat!

Yeahhh I am so optimistic about this summer! Hahaha.

So okay, bring it on! 

Well, by any chance, is it possible to get my normal skin colour back after 3 months? Sigh..

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