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Thursday, June 20, 2013

All in 1


 I am so so relieved. Unofficially finish with my first year in degree course and I am so so looking forward for these 3 months holiday break. I definitely so so excited.

And yes, I've done with all those 7 exam papers. Which in conclusion I could say, they were pretty cruel, as always. I'd really like to complain, am I? Haha. Well, not all, but almost, yes. 7 papers with only 3 days gap, unexpected questions came out, period cramps and constipation which came in a complete package with period, migraine and so on. But life must really go on, right?

Guess I'm immune with these. Getting myself  involved in pharmacy field since 5 years ago, I can't really escape from the fact that I would have 7 to 8 papers in final exams, all subjects need me to memorize them all, packed schedule, tests after test which come in between few days gap only.

I'm barely breath!

I don't know how I survive with these, but I'm still here.

My love-hate relationship with pharmacy is still being on its climax state and never going to show its sign to stop, or at least, slow down.

Well, no matter how I feel sick with these, I still want it. Like a morphine, I would say.

Well, I'd still recommend pharmacy to everyone, if they ever ask me how the things going on with pharmacy. How is pharmacy? Is pharmacy okay? Should they enroll in pharmacy? Yes dear, pharmacy is the best for my liking, and I should actually tell them, how your life's going to change just after you assigned yourself as a pharmacy student. 

I should tell them 1 thing, being a pharmacy student, we don't only learn things about pharmacy, like what I'd ever imagined before, "Oh it must be excited, learning about drug, those pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharma-this, pharma-that, whatever pharma". But in fact, we have several subjects that are related to Chemistry absolutely, Physics, Law, Entrepreneurship, Biology of course and so on.

 And I'm slowly coming to this worst part.

Yes, my brain is confused. The right part and the left part, they struggle themselves to keep all this knowledge inside them. One side are busy with memorizing those facts and another one is exercising with calculations, chemistry problem solving and brainstorming on Physics's Law. Gahhh, my brain must be really tired. 


Ahh, yes, my workplace. Working on Human Rights paper and must always have a snack during study. Sooooo Qistina. Love it when the season changes (it's coming to a real summer now) and summer fruits are starting to be in market. The best seedless grapes, only RM 3 per kilo. 


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