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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1 year

I still remember one year ago, exactly on today's date, that was the first time I stepped in KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital as a new staff. One year guys, one year. A lot has happened. Haha. How time flies. I just feel like it was yesterday that I wore a new uniform of mine, silver colour of an eyeshadow with a thin layer of lip stick. I hardly remember the names of each staffs actually. 

It's a lil bit different now. My colleagues and I can actually get along very well and they're actually funny and wacky, unlike what I thought about them before. And the other difference now is, I rarely go to work with a silver colour of an eyeshadow anymore. Sometimes pink and sometimes no eyeshadow at all. Laaazy girl!

So today at work, I shouted to my colleagues, "Guys, hari ni 20 June 2012, genaplah setahun I di Tawakkal. Wohooo"

Everybody was clapping and mocking my wohooo. Haha. I told ya, they're funny and wacky.

Suddenly Kak Mila said, "Okay, Qis akan belanja kita Secret Recipe cake!"

Everybody was clapping stronger and the wohoo went even louder!

Hahaha. No, I didn't treated them any.

These people. Teach me how to be independent. Who give me some guidance and teaching me more about working life. Work is really fun with them especially on makan makan part. I swear! Haha.

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