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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Raya Raya Raya.

Everyone's still in raya mood, everywhere, anywhere and guess what, no one's left at my work place because I reckon that they might be still doing rendang at home. Oh lucky them. And so do on Facebook and Twitter as they kept updating each photo and status about raya, TV programmes oh so tempting. I HATE THAT I HAVE TO GO TO WORK!

But the raya celebration must always go on!

I got the chance to spent some precious times with my family on Independence Day's night and everyone's eating like there's no more tomorrow. Urghh. They killed the chickens.

This one was at Kelantan, a day before I left to KL because I had to go to work on forth raya. They said, " Only crazy people will work on raya". See, everybody's so mean.

Daddy and his little girl. Oh I feel young.

My dad with my lil sister. I asked my dad about his whiten beard, I wonder why his hair's still remains black while the other part was not. Please hair, don't inherit that on me. Hehe.

But hoping that wearing a big shade like this, might help..

Well, I was having a great weekend with Ameerul and some of his wacky friends, spending some times going from one to another one house to collect more duit raya. Hehe.

No seatbelt at all. Failed! But the smile helped. I got you baby. :)

At Zara's house.

In front of Hasnan's house. Ohhh, Hasnan's mom's rendang was so delicious. I'll invite you guys there next year, promise! Hehe.

At Alif Haikal's house.

Anddd we're going for more that 3 houses afterwards. You should see how Ameerul tried to cover his bigger tummy with his sampin. So weird. Hahaha.

I swear, knowing and trying to accept Ameerul's friends to be my friends is like something that I don't really have to think twice to do. Haha because their wackiness will scare you. They were beyond awesome, I swear. You'll laugh all day long with just only their jokes. No wonder that Ameerul will always leave me just to be with them. I'm giving you guys a compliment that surely need to be paid back with duit raya. TAKE NOTE! :)

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