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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Imaginary Friend

I was somewhere in the kitchen and Mia was playing in the living hall. She pretended to be on phone and chatting with her imaginary friend.

"Hello where are you? I'm at Sri Gombak, when will you come? It's hot here and I'm waiting for you for so long."

I don't know what's her ' friend' replied.

But Mia said, "Oh really, your mom's die? Ya Allah, my mum is also die. My dad too."

Then she hung up.

Her mom asked her, whom she was talking to. Her mom asked her, if both of her parents die, who she will be staying with? Who will take care of her and Adam, her little brother?

Mia said, "Nevermind, Mama Qis can take care of me and adik".

I guess her mom sakit hati hearing Mia answered that so her mom said, "Mama Qis go shopping and leave you alone, how?"

Mia replied, "I can follow her".

Hahaha, kids these days...

Mia and Mama Qis.

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