Alya Qistina

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How my tears can flow when I post this?!

Have you ever wonder why university's buddies will always remain as friends? And have you ever think why we always need each other?

Because we shared the same joy during BBQ night and laughing for candid picture.

Because we ate a lot during our last grand meeting/gathering, on pre graduation night.

Because we have same instict in dressing.

Because we always have each other in every tests and quizzes.

Because we love wearing baju kurung and attending PPKP on weekend. -__-

Because we love last minute study

Because we shared the victory during society's family day

Because we slept together during the lecture

Because we were lecturers' favourite when scored full marks in test

And we always have this inside our handbags

We love waiting for Rapid Penang

Because we love walking in group.

Because we love meeting the juniors

We've never missed to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri together

Because we love attending co curricular activities

Always had pictures in front of UiTM campus

Chilling waterfall in group

Be so jakun to ice cream

We have thousands pictures in lecture hall when having lecture

We were too kind when giving these fish healthy food. Oh definitely that's not my foot.

We'd been in the same lab, preparing the same drugs

We captured happy faces after finishing our last final exams

Chilling waterfall and be in love with frogsss

Being so girlish at home

Because I know, no matter how hard it is for us to fulfil our dream in becoming a licenced pharmacist, we will always have each others' back. I will always have you guys. Thanks for showing me what true-crazy-wacky friends are.

Don't mind me, because I'm just missing you guys my lovely FDB Pharmacist.


  1. Had a crush on the same guy??!!! OMG. hihi ;p sape tuh!!!

  2. Haha Dalila, crush not so crush la sangat. That guy la yang kita sibuk usha tu. LOL.

  3. qis ! nk lyke dis thousands tym bley ? hahahhaha mish fdb vry much !!!!

  4. Comel-comel.
    kirimsalam kawan-kawan alya.
    hehe ^^

  5. hey hey,that guy was my crush too.thats my din too :D

  6. OMG..sweet la der!!!waaaa!!!aku trharu laaa...lawak pown ade wei..

  7. awwww... im missing those moments too.. my hair stands as i read this. heee university life is one of the best yet! :D

  8. Teheee. Thanks for reading guys. Rindu gila UiTM moments.