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Saturday, January 8, 2011


It’s been a week that we‘ve reached a new year and I only have a time to update my blog. Poor me, practical training always leaves me breathless.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 guys.

I wish this new year could bring me anything that I wish for. Err that’s too much I know. I pray to Allah for His blessing and I hope He’ll keep me and my family within a group of persons that He loves. I wish Allah grows my heart beautifully with iman and I wish myself not to miss my prayers. Insyaallah.

I began 2011 with a huge decision when I’ve decided not to further my degree. Degree in Pharmacy really kills everyone. Because if you ask my friends, they’ll say I was the one who tried really hard to make sure I enroll well in degree right after I finish my diploma. I admit that I tried so hard to get as many information regarding my degree. I called as many authorities, spent almost 7 days in every week to seek for the info, surfed a lot about education’s financing, contacted almost everyone, I even surveyed for my targeted campus for degree, been crying for simple things because I was really afraid if I can’t pursue my degree. And I ended up crying when I decided not to do it. No degree after diploma which is the saddest thing in my life.

How I plan my 2011, I’ll be finishing my internship around June. April 2011 could be my most important month because I’ll go for the presentation of my last final project and believe me, I’ve already designed my outfit for it. Duh, girls these days…

Right after I finish my diploma, I HAVE to work for a year. Yes I have to, don’t ask me why because you better ask it to UiTM or maybe to my dad personally. Because he decides so, and I know I’m such a good daughter. Enough said.

And after a year, let’s say hello to DEGREE IN PHARMACY. Yeeeehaaaa!

2010 was too sweet to remember. It left me as a strong, independent girl. I believed I can achieved almost everything when I made most of them. I started 2010 with pride when I said no to my unfaithful ex boyfriend and I moved on. I’ve never thought broke up will leave me in so much better condition. I’ve got Dean Award which really worth my efforts. I found myself more systematic in financing management, that’s exclude when the sales came (still with the same habit year by year). I appreciated and thankful that I’ve had such supportive friends, who willing to be with me through thick and thin. My family’s condition was so much better and I’ve got a new sweet boyfriend though. Hi Ameerul Ashraf, if you’re happen to be reading this post, please fulfill my 2011 with love.

Ya Allah, please let me be stronger and fill my heart with patience to face all of your obstacles. Keep me and my family in a good way. Don’t let us go to the wrong paths. Guide us in Your way, Ya Allah. Amin.

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