Alya Qistina

Monday, January 10, 2011


Right after Anugerah Juara Lagu 25 ended by announcing Ana Raffali- Tolong Ingatkan Aku as the first place winner last night, everybody was updating their Facebook status.

" Apesal Ana Raffali?"

" Buang masa je tengok AJL"


Why people keep condemned her? I just don't get it. Come on Malaysians, we'd always make a fuss over a small thing, don't we? I agree that Ana Raffali still needs too many things to learn of. She can't even pronounces her lyrics well. Okay I know that she's a English UiTM Debater but she was singing a Malay song and for real, I was barely able to hear what she was singing, even in a radio too!

Never mind. She's talented and she was forgiven for that.

Because Faizal Tahir never made me dissapointed. And he was awesome too, trust me. You know why, because we'd share the same birthday dateee!

Oh by the way, speaking of birthday date, I've got a new year present from my sweetheart muah muah Ameerul Ashraf. He was switching to Celcom 1+5 package, as you guys had suggested to us and he was the one who settled everything from bill sign in registration, picking numbers and so on. He picked the number for me too.

"You, dah settle. Number you baik punyaaaaaaaaa"

"Yea? Berapa?"


"Oh okay okay, thanks dear"

"Hah lupa lah tu, 2610 kan birthday you"

Haha Ameerul can be so comel sometimes. Thanks dear.

Happy 9th month anniversary. You are the best thing that's ever been mine. ILY.


  1. Laa.. baru 9 bulan,
    jadikan 90 tahun oke. ^^

  2. wah da 9 bulan, rasa cam baru jh :)

  3. i love diz part..
    kire idea ak kdg2 bernas jgk ek instead of nonsense..

  4. Bunny: Haha tu la. aku pun baru rasa macam sebulan jeee. :p

    Qurra: Hahahaa. Thanksssssssss!