Alya Qistina

Friday, December 10, 2010


I'm a type of person who really afraid of drug. Sounds weird because my field is all about drugs. Just imagine, I'm giving patients various kinds of drugs, with variety indications and definitely side effects but hell no for me to take these drugs, because I've learnt the side effects of drugs and in short, I have no problem in swallowing the tablet, it's just that, I'm freaking afraid of their SIDE EFFECTS!

Even if it's only a Paracetamol. Seriously.

The only drug that I'll only take is Ponstan, but sure dear, with its recommended dose. Or maybe underdose.

I don't know what's with me. I got migraine and sometimes it continues for two days long. Period pain like mandatory for every month. UTI like for everyday! See, I'm bad in taking care of myself. :(
With these diseases, I rarely taking the meds. But please guys, don't be afraid of medicine too. Take them as prescribed, you'll safe because if any cases of overdose in drugs, they might leave you in toxic!

But still.. Detoxification!

Afraid of toxic, am I bad?

This what I've got after 7 hours of sticking these patches to my feet. So scaryyyyyyy!

Take care of your health. Eat healthy meals and bunch of fruits. Babaiiii.


  1. thnx cik pharmacist y baek aty,, =D

  2. Hunnys, thanks for reading. Take good care of your health too. :)

  3. Eh haha pernah bau kaki orang ke Epol? Haha