Alya Qistina

Monday, December 13, 2010


My mum texted me last morning, she said;

Arnab warna kelabu baka Angora telah kembali ke rahmatullah lebih kurang pukul 10am akibat terlalu kepanasan, kesian dia.

I call her Dondon.

Going back from work, I was flipping through every Dondon's single photo and I started to cry.

A week before she died, she's so weak and too thin. I rarely seen her running or jumping whenever I let her free from her cage instead of lazying around and waiting for us to give her some fresh vegetables. She even weakened herself every time we took her in ours.

She's a big fan of vegetables. Dondon's not a picky rabbit, can you believe she ate pucuk kayu ubi? Haha. Andd she got her diarrhoea from that. I loved seeing her cute face every time we lifted her ears up. It's so funny how she closed her eyes whenever I screamed ' Hei, aku buat sate karang nak?' as if she understands. Comel.

Black shiny eyed of Dondon. I missed you.

Only 3 rabbits left now. Cheryl ( Oh actually a male rabbit, should I call him Shahril instead of Cheryl? Never mind. He's the white rabbit in the picture above ), Zee ( the black one ) and Gee ( small female white rabbit, not in this picture ).


  1. comelnye..sian die da xde..huhu

  2. Jangan sedih,
    nanti bila dah mengawan,
    banyak baliklah nanti. ^^

  3. Izyan: Tehee. Tu la. sayang je.

    Epol: mana boleh mengawan lagi. Mereka tak cukup umur lagi. Karang dapat baby tak cukup bulan, lagi sedih. Hehe.