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Monday, July 23, 2012

Dolls again

Okay, this guy may looks like Justin Bieber, no? When I showed this photo to my friend, obviously who fancies JB so much, they said, "Oh God, you're lucky". "I'm jealous". -__-

Hahaha. I don't what what has been on his mind.

Well, it was a day with Dolls. I was happy, Bunny was there too. I hadn't met her for so long, so long that I couldn't even remember. Thank God, we have those techs now. Haha.

From left: Me, Fatin, Bunny and Ibtisam.

This was actually in Syabaan. We went out after coming back from our offices. One of us said, let's breaking fast together (puasa ganti), so everybody agreed. I went there and found out that nobody's fast. This is one thing about Dolls. They say something, but they never do it, but they laugh over it, they call each other crazy, they promise not to do it again, but they do it again, and they laugh over it again. These girls never be serious. Haha.

This is my dearest so called cousin, Sarah but I call her Baby. Everyone calls her Baby too, including Ameerul. Ameerul teased me by calling her baby with a lot smoother voice. Nah, you're wasting your time boy. Hahaha.

Sara! Accidentally met her. I was like, Sara I missed you a lot. Sara replied, "Oh God, I was about to say from far, that girl is really small and petite and never thought it was you".

Egypt mood turns on! I am half complete with the preparation to go to Egypt. I mean, I listed few things that I need to buy and things that I need to bring. The most important thing is coat. Because when I reach there soon, it's almost near to the winter time. I told ya, winter time there can reach to 0 degree Celsius. Cold. I will hide under the mat then!

I love this coat above but I think this one is too thin. This is headache. And those things more, luggage, face moisturiser, sun block and what shoes that I really need to bring and all. Sigh.

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