Alya Qistina

Sunday, July 1, 2012


A picture of 2 years ago. I'm old. -_-

This picture was taken in Penang. When I studied there. Ameerul is still there now. He's actually my junior. And now a superior of my heart. Hahaha. I can say, my relationship with him is the longest that I've had. And the most distant one.

I was in Kelantan after Penang for a year. He's in Penang. Now when I'm in KL, he's still in Penang. Forever Penang.

Later when he continues his degree in maybe Shah Alam or maybe Penang or Dungun or I'm not sure where, I may be in Egypt! Seriously, that's million miles away!

Well, it's our 27th month anniversary. So as always, I love you! Yes, you.

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