Alya Qistina

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

zoo, again.

So guess where did this happy boy went last weekend?

We were spending our Sunday at Zoo Negara! Haha. We were like almost die thinking where to go out. I was like, "Cameron jom" but "No lah, it's too high, jauh some more".

He went like, "Genting?" continued by "Cannot, jauh jugak, kereta tak service".

Because he had to go back to Penang on that night. Sigh, this student never failed to make me melt over him. He went back to Seremban and going all the way down to Gombak just to give me some presents that he bought for me during his past holiday. :D

I'm the luckiest girl ever. *blow nails*

So, is this that lucky girl? Hmm, not lucky anymore, with oily face and pimples some more.

Seeing the animals on the photo above, we were like, "Orix!". Haha. Everybody was being all jakun.
Giraffe. So tall. His tongue was too long and his neck too, obviously.

Savannah Park. Camels with only one lump. They weren't get active so much. I wonder why.

Alala, so cute... that elephant.

And tired face that he made after walking around all zoo's place. But still handsome even with half-open eyes. Hehe. In love with you again and again. Oh God, forgive this fragile heart.

And we went to this one nice shelter. It was so calm and peaceful. It might be because it was located right in front of nice, clean lake. BEAUTIFUL!

It was so clean in there and some storks flew happily and triggered a jealousy of freedom feeling on mine.

In front of that shelter. He was like, " Oh thank God sini ada kipas"

Boy will always be a boy. -____________________-

Going to some peaceful places was such a good stress reliever and therapy for me. I tend to spend my time on these kind of outdoor activities. So I was like, "Next time kita pergi rock climbing nak?"

He was like, "HAH?!"

Haha. Because I know he's not and won't be interested. Hehe.

But thanks for the beautiful weekend, boyfriend. You are the best ever. I love you forever and ever, babe. :)


  1. Alahai.. comelnya dua orang ni. hehe..

    Pergi zoo jumpa 'kawan-kawan' ehh... ahak ;p

  2. adore you and your boyfie sis, comel!